1. What’s the point of having a higher torpedo detection range when those torpedos are homing on you? Personally I think it would be a great option if the change was made that not only the detection range of torpedos is increased but also the distance at which they start their „final approach“ (the distance at which they’re no longer homing)

  2. Well, at least he understood the theory, now time to create crossfires by staying on the side

  3. Every position on the map can be a crossfire position. You just have to be brave/stupid enough

  4. The US BB line isn't really great until you get to T8. Some people enjoy Colorado, I hated her and pushed through with the help of some free XP. NC, Iowa and Montana are all really great ships and a great base to learn BB gameplay for a pseudo beginners.

  5. Ok so first off: As you stated correctly Yugumo is not a gunboat, so try to avoid gunfights with enemy DDs (obviously you can't avoid them all the time)

  6. So I actually just learned not too long ago that that sound isn't actually indicative of receiving a citadel, rather, just a large percentage of your overall HP. You can clap a ship for , say, 20k with a BB and get a lot of pens and they'll receive that sound, and your commander will usually comment on how well you hurt them. Citadels have the visual indicator of flames coming out of the exhaust towers (the correct name is escaping me right now).

  7. You can get doubloons from different crates. Basically what they're saying is that players are getting too many doubloons from drops, which leads to the overall sale of doubloons (for real money) going down. To counteract this WG can either increase dub prices on ships or decrease drop rates of dubs or decrease the amount you can get from a drop.

  8. T8: I'd recommend you stay away from San Diego. Really squishy and hard to play if you don't have any experience playing (US) CLs and even then she's still not an easy ship.

  9. Personally I don't feel like submarines are that broken. Their battle impact isn't that great and I feel like they're more of an annoyance (unlike CVs, which imo are broken).

  10. Hey, that’s neat! He’s an electrician, just like my granddad!

  11. Yeah, I checked the spreadsheets and they said you had fun.

  12. RNGesus smiled upon you. I’d recommend not logging in for the rest of the year since you used up all your luck.

  13. Yeah, my money is on USS Nautilus being the first supership-submarine, being able to stay underwater for the duration of the entire match

  14. I'd recommend going for Marceau, though her playstyle might be a bit difficult for you since you only have on TX ship and it's a long range HE-spammer.

  15. Personally I would wait for Black Friday (I know that’s a lot of time) and get Alaska She’s just a very solid and fun ship that uptiers well

  16. So apparently Gdansk having 227k HE dpm with Kleber guns needed a concealment and torpedo buff. Seems legit.

  17. Congratulations, your complain just unlocked a new feature: Pan-EU gunboat DDs will now have an increased homing on sub torps

  18. There has been an aiming bug in the game for a while now. If you’re locked onto a target try unlocking and locking it again (default button is „X“ on the keyboard) This seems to help a bit.

  19. You are one brave man for asking that question in this subreddit lol. My first recommendation would be to straight up just not play them. They're not fun to play (imo) and you ruin the fun for others.

  20. I don’t hate it, afaik it’s pretty close to what a real torpedo launch sounds like, though the whoosh-sound could be a bit more aggressive

  21. Ok first things first: Nobody starts off as a great player. You need to have bad games (a lot of them) to realize, what your mistakes were, how you have to react if, for example, your cruisers leave you alone.

  22. imo absolutely not. I’d rather spend those dubs on a premium-ship or premium time. Or just don’t spend the money on WG at all

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