1. good for her!! i think Lori has a lot of great connections. Her clients like, Madi, Blake H, and Hannah G all seem to be doing amazing financially.

  2. No Johnny or Victoria in the preview with Salleys arrival, maybe they have a date next week (doubt it since she just had one) or they were just in a corner somewhere.

  3. I think she had high hopes for hers and Andrew’s relationship (they both talked about liking eachother pre show) but there wasn’t a spark, and she just wanted to go home and the producers were pressuring her to stay and she got super frustrated and just wanted out ASAP so she left without saying goodbye. I totally get it, good on her for resisting their manipulation!

  4. I don’t think Victoria was a surprise. Johnny seemed really into her

  5. They seemed to have more natural chemistry and it would have made more sense to me if she took him. The only 2 reasons I can think that she took Justin instead are either (1) that's who she came in going to meet so she wanted to see if something was there or (2) producers encouraged it to make Genevieve spiral (or maybe a little bit of both)

  6. I think so too. I’m sure we missed a few conversations between Johnny and Victoria or maybe not. I’m surprised Hunter was so shocked they were kissing, he was infatuated by her when she walked down on the beach.

  7. A week or so ago I went through her IG because I wanted to catch up on her before paradise. It seems like all her religious posts are gone! Maybe it was a phase

  8. i think the evangelicals sucked her in for a minute but it didn’t stick

  9. i think she went from hardly religious to super religious pretty quickly and now found a happy medium

  10. I think it was "when Genevieve said Aaron do you want to f*ing bounce and she had all her Louie bags in the jungle path"

  11. Sooo what are our theories on what really went down with Teddi? I'm just at a loss. But there has to be something more to the story. Between her not posting anything about paradise, to her not saying goodbye to any of the cast, somethings fishy.

  12. I think she was bummed there wasn't a spark between her and Andrew and really wanted to go home, and TPTB were pressuring her to stay and she literally just wanted out ASAP, and wasn't letting them convince her otherwise. Good for her for sticking her ground.

  13. She and Andrew both talked about wanting to see each other on the beach and probably had high hopes that they'd fall in love, but there just wasn't a spark, so she was bummed and just wanted to go home, TPTB were probably pressuring her to stay but she was just so over it and her emotions got the best of her last night.

  14. Who do we think will be the couple that gets back together? At first I thought Aaron and Genevieve but her podcast interview with almost famous podcast doesn’t make it seem like it and Aaron on us weekly podcast doesn’t seem like he’s giving much away or that he’s even looking forward/happy with the experience.

  15. i noticed that! the only scene we really saw of them was when they were reassuring Shanae about Logan.

  16. i kind of feel like this is staged and teddi said goodbye

  17. Teddi and Andrew came to BIP for eachother there wasn’t a spark, so she’s understandably bummed and just wants to go home. I get it, her emotions are getting the best of her here

  18. https://instagram.com/stories/johnnydephillipo/2942053033291542277?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  19. i wonder if Johnny was also told there’s someone he’d want to meet. we know VF was, was that how they convinced him to go (not that they needed too). he seemed infatuated with her right away.

  20. Apparently producers told Fictoria before she went down that there’s someone on the beach she’d like and we all think it’s Johnny. She’s said that she figured it out and I’m pretty certain she came to that conclusion too.

  21. yeah i think that’s why she pulled logan and johnny first.

  22. she and andrew both talked about hoping to see each other on BIP pre show. then once they met there just wasn’t a spark, and she just wanted to go home, her emotion’s definitely got the best of her here though.

  23. i think teddi and andrew went to BIP for each other and there just wasn’t a spark, she was bummed and just wanted to go home.

  24. I don’t remember the spoilers on this, I know Teddi leaves but does Andrew get with anyone else?

  25. i think he gets brittany’s rose this week and then gets with jessenia during casa amore

  26. i think Teddi and Andrew both went to BIP for eachother, but there just wasn’t a spark, and Teddi just wanted to go home

  27. poor girl just wanted to go home, i’d do the same.

  28. I feel like Teddi was just so over BIP at this point and just want to go home, her emotions got the best of her here.

  29. Final 4 Tyler “doesn’t stand a chance”??? nahh

  30. Sigh I actually like VF. She seems like a good friend. The girls are always commenting on her posts and she does the same. I remember she also sent Natasha flowers and flew to be with her around the BIP drama. She seems honest about the work she needed done on herself. I like her sense of humor as well. Reality Steve basically did say she broke up 4 marriages which was never proven so she started off with a horrible reputation. She wasn’t so nice on the show but I think we’ve all learned now that that environment can bring out your worst. I think ppl usually say she’s not friendly in person and I can’t excuse that but she also somewhere said she has anxiety so I can see that affecting her. So yeah idk why but I do kinda like her lol.

  31. I’m totally with you, everyone in BN seems to love her. She’s honest about getting cosmetic work done. As for the RS rumors, i think there’s more to the story there, there’s no way she wrecked four marriages and we haven’t seen a single ounce of proof. Plus people can change im sure she got enough heat from her actions at home, don’t need strangers constantly holding it against here.

  32. Is that Victoria’s real butt? (I know that’s gauche to ask but sometimes it’s really real and not just BBL)

  33. who does brittany link up with this season?

  34. do we think they are still together? anyone have the latest on these two...?

  35. I actually think they’re not together but i don’t think they ended on bad terms at all. He said on BHH he hasn’t been in a long term relationship since high school and getting engaged is such a huge jump. i really hope they are though

  36. but this was posted by the BIP instagram account, the show spoils itself

  37. I think it was just an event. Kelley was there too and in her caption she mentioned it was an event in honor of trafficking survivors and they were invited by ring concierge (which i’m assuming is a ring company)

  38. not sure i believe this, i don’t think they saw anything wrong with giving the boys her breast milk until it was pointed out

  39. TaylorLair she’s a teen mom with a one year old daughter. I don’t see her videos often but I always enjoy them.

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