1. I do actually experience this. I see a sort of gray haze in my vision, although it doesn’t impair my vision at all. I wear glasses as well. If I focus on an area, a small cluster of red dots will form, moving just a bit quicker than the gray ones. I vividly remember when I was younger, focusing on the red dots. They would move closer to me until they collided with some part of me. I distinctly remember feeling a tickling sensation wherever the dots touched. I never told anyone about this because it seems kinda crazy. :)

  2. Oooo yes I totally do this. People I don’t know as well usually have a flatter colour, where as the more I know someone the more bright and complicated they get. Often times there are textures and even colours I don’t know how to explain! And I cannot change the colours at all. They will forever be a part of that person to me. Oh and i only ”feel”the colours. I can’t actually see them

  3. It starts out purple and then blends into yellow. There is also some sparkly things somewhere in there

  4. Yes I have ticker tape synesthesia! I only know one other person with it. I just see everything anyone says in my head and I can’t turn it off. But sometimes it will glitch in a way and I can’t read it anymore. Then it’s all gibberish and I can’t understand them. But then my brain catches up and I can reread it and it’s fine lol.

  5. I don't really have a favorite number that I can think of but I really like odd numbers over even numbers :)

  6. Well, Trinity is deep green and a little brown. Sounds kinda tinkly. Like tingly glass pieces hitting each other.

  7. A is red because of Apple. That’s what we saw repeatedly as children and it stuck. B for me is yellow because of banana. C is orange for Carrot.

  8. I have several kinda of synesthesia, but ill tell you my favorite one. It’s one that some consider to not be synesthesia, but in my opinion it is :) It is called Tickertape Synesthesia. So basically, this means i see every word that someone speaks. I have associative synesthesia, so i dont literally see them, but i more see them in my head. I cant turn it off, so i dont know how people understand words without reading them in their head! However, sometimes my brain lags a bit and it turns off on its own. For just a second nothing the person is saying makes any sense and i have to ask them to repeat it. Then my brain catches up and i can see what they had said. :)

  9. To me, gray feels more like the true color, darker and more saturated. Grey, feels more yellow and like a fake gray :)

  10. Haha my may is light pink and white. There is a smidge of yellow tho

  11. Yeah I feel the same as you. I can’t quite figure out how to get what’s in my head out onto paper. I’ve just been practicing focusing on one part of the song and trying out different shapes until it clicks with what’s in my head :)

  12. Same! I was thinking about this last night with music. I was like well major is pink & orange and minor is blue & black, but that’s common sense. And then I was like is that just bc it makes sense to me?

  13. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I feel like my color associations aren’t really synesthesia because it feels so right. How could it not be the same colot for someone else lol. Especially my words/letter colors.

  14. For me a lot of words are several colors at the same time. It feels wrong to choose just one color because they all make up the word.

  15. I have some friends names if you don’t mind. Reply on your own time don’t feel rushed :)

  16. Amber - A forest with light pink and gold trees and very tall grass and ferns in it

  17. Didn’t know it was a thing til literally just now and am apparently here to also represent haha

  18. yeah a lot of synesthetea have a few types. I don’t have number personification, but I find it really cool :)

  19. I'm thankful for it because songs run nonstop in my head and I'd probably never be able to focus on what people were saying. (The Song du Jour today is Motley Crüe 'Home Sweet Home' with Chester Bennington. Sometimes I'm not so lucky.)

  20. Hm never heard the song but yeah I don’t know I would be able to understand speech without literally reading it in my head :)

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