1. Emma and Shura Isshin for sure. I think Emma is a really fun, albeit short fight with a kickass OST, tragic backstory and cool moves (her Ashina Cross, the grab, her flurry of attacks).

  2. “Visions of wolf” outside the chest that had the valkyrie’s prosthetic

  3. The Ivory King before he was consumed by Chaos, he seemed like a nice guy to have as a mentor. I mean, he made the literal embodiment of fear become loyal as hell!

  4. Chicanery monologue! “AND HE GETS TO BE A LAWYER?! WHAT A SICK JOKE!”

  5. The fight itself I think was far more difficult than it should’ve been. I think his design and moveset (aka the Cleric Beast’s) is not made for such a big health pool and damage output. The arena being so small for a fight like this also was more frustrating than challenging. So you end up just hacking away at a reused boss with a gigantic health bar and running from one side of the arena to the other, dodging the same 4-5 moves and ONE screw up and you’re dead. It feels more like artificial difficulty.

  6. Dancer of the Boreal Valley was extremely easy for me! Beat her on my 3rd try and that’s cause the 2nd I got glitched into a corner. After struggling against Pontiff for WEEKS, everyone told me that Dancer would make me explode, glad it wasn’t the case.

  7. Around 2017, I had a band in high school and we stayed late on campus to rehearse for a gig we were playing at. We were taking a break from rehearsal and the drummer put on Gravity on his phone, it was a very memorable experience! I didn’t actually listen to more JM songs until a year after that when New Light released, but the fact that such a “simple” moment still remains clearly in my mind shows that this man’s music is for me

  8. Godfrey’s axe was suuuuper disappointing considering the man’s lore and importance to the world. We EASILY could’ve gotten something similar to his attack where he hits the floor with the axe and causes an explosion as the ash of war, but it’s just a slow and uninteresting weapon overall.

  9. I honestly think that Sekiro’s free DLC is also pretty good! The inner bosses, the messages, the gauntlets and reflections of strength all add a TON of replayability to the game. Also, Inner Genichiro is my favorite boss in the game, so that’s pretty awesome too

  10. I like that Inner Father has more new moves and features and the fact that he’s by far the hardest boss in the game for me, so that’s nice.

  11. Where should we meet? I can help with all bosses :)

  12. Many npcs sell them! I recall that the hag at the beginning of the Dreg heap sells like 3 of them

  13. Maybe Lothric Castle’s 1st bonfire can work as an ember grind/farm

  14. “What, they’re all starving but one of them has a fucking cellphone?” Made me laugh more than it should have

  15. Acurrate portrayal of Goldmask vs Greater Will

  16. Can you please help with Nameless King, Password is Cinder

  17. My summon sign is in front of the bell lever!

  18. It’s my personal favorite ending! The Emma and Old Isshin boss fights are my favorites in the game!

  19. I think the Divine Dragon giving you the Loaded Moonlight Greatsword would be incredibly cool. Like, imagine if you could press the button and Sekiro would raise his hands, the sword would come out of his prosthetic and bring it down as a giant slam, which could function as Dragon Slash, with a beam coming out of the blade after it hits the ground.

  20. How are you able to find Inner Father and Inner Isshin btw? Do I need to follow a specific story line?

  21. After beating the game with one of the 3 normal endings (Severance, Purification or Return), you’ll gain access to the Divine Heir Gauntlet and the Immortal Severance Gauntlet, where you’ll fight Inner Genichiro and Inner Isshin respectively.

  22. Everybody going for the shura skin while the tengu one is easily the best

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