1. How does the capture scarf work? Nanomachines son.

  2. The trauma that Aizawa will put them through if they don't work.

  3. One time use, causes 500 damage + force modifier on hit.

  4. I've done it a couple of times on accident, mostly because of disassociation.

  5. Imposter syndrome: appears in the middle of the room out of nowhere Guess what! Everyone has it so much worse than you and they are dealing with it completely fine! Your just a fraud!

  6. Aizawa tempers with the quirk assessment test scores.

  7. Sorry, don't have a fic for you, but you mean hito hito no mi model Nika, right?

  8. Maybe do it so that anyone can learn it, but you have to choose either alchemy or having a quirk. Like if a person with a quirk tries to do alchemy they are taken to the gate of truth and gove the option to keep their quirk, or give it up for the ability to use alchemy. Quirkless people would have it unlocked by default and you can say that the government or the HPSC are trying to hide alchemy's excitence to keep themselves on the top of the power balance.

  9. I heard spite is a good alternative, but I'm ether to nice or to apathetic to muster up enough of it to overcome the want to off myself.

  10. Same, tested positive on 20 out of 24, they are all pretty mild though, nothing worse than irritation, itching or a some coughing with a stuffed nose in the most serious cases

  11. Yagi gets izuku a figurine of himself doing the thumbs up pose, but it was manufactured at the same time as an Endeavor figuring and the color palettes were swamped on accident. In addition the color that was supposed to be used for Endeavor's flames because of a difference order got used for All Might's skin color.

  12. I see it as he has a field of vision (that he probably boosts with other quirk) and his brain recieves the temperature of each object and assembles them into one scene, giving him sorta 360° vision, but with no color.

  13. Ok, awesome idea, but it feels more like a Nene ability then a quirk.

  14. Good concept, but I feel like 48 hours is a bit long.

  15. I guess it would depend on how you want to see the world. For me, i would go by quirk factors. If a person has an activated quirk factor, then they have a quirk. If it's inactive ( meaning not deactivate or suppressed, but failed to manifest all together) even if a person has a residual mutation, let's say giving them small horns of their head, they would be still counted as quirkless.

  16. Yeah I ain't paying 30 dollars I just install an APK for my phone

  17. You can try waiting for Christmas, I remember I got both java and bedrock for 20 euro total.

  18. Then I must take you to a private room for a closer inspection.

  19. Since I know no shame, nor do I feel self-conscious, I will self promote.

  20. Dude, love your fic, don't have the time right now, but gonna reread it in a couple of days.

  21. I believe you've got the names a bit mixed up, this is most certainly Iron Deficiency Man.

  22. I get what you're saying, but I'm like 95% sure that Izuku is just hyping himself up. And as a person with an anxiety disorder, sometimes it helps me out( if I'm able to hype myself up)

  23. "I would rather show someone a kindness they don't need than not show them one they do."

  24. The snail cannot be killed, but it isn't immortal and passing away of old age is not mean that it was killed. The average lifespan of a snail is 2 to 5 years, but in an extreme case, a larger breed can live to up to 15. So just trap it somewhere for about 20 years to be safe and you'll be scot-free.

  25. I would say yes, he would still care for other people, but he won't go as far in helping them if it would hinder himself.

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