Water inundation in Naples, FL

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  1. This is one of the reasons why I left my relationship. His phone never left his hands. I'm a woman that loves intellectual conversations. I can't just sit there and be bored to death by someone. Except he never said he couldn't stand me. I'm really sorry, you truly deserve better

  2. He always does. You may not understand how much God loves you, but have faith that though we may be blind, God will always give exactly what we need.

  3. He answers in his own time. God had answered lots of my prayers before even some miracles happened to me.

  4. When they keep borrowing money from you and promising to pay you back but never ever do. Over and over again.

  5. That thing on her chest scares me but the dress is gorgeous.

  6. It's called jealousy. Why be evil to another person if you don't get jealous. Unless you're just a complete pshycopath.

  7. I think she was a psychopath lol thank you

  8. Glad I live in Oregon. Never experienced any crazy storms my whole life.

  9. I have proved them wrong. I haven't used that shitty app in over a year! And believe me I used to be instagram obsessed. That app is not worth the depression and stress. So good job!

  10. I think they are selfish. But only if they expect women to go down on them and they don't even want to return the favor.

  11. This is true. I had every social media platform and it made me depressed for years but I just put up with it. Then one day I deleted everything. No social media for a whole year. So I decided to download Reddit because I thought it wouldn't hurt. After a while now I have realized I don't feel great when I'm on the app, too much negativity on there like Instagram. Also considering on deleting it.

  12. Cars racing each other. Tired of hearing them at 3 am everyday.

  13. That we men are all “horn dogs,” always interested in sex, or that we want to intercourse a woman. Hint: many times, we don’t want to intercourse the ladies.

  14. This is true. Even my ex (who treated me badly) said there is more to relationships than sex. Apparently I wanted more sex than him lol.

  15. My husband and I work in the same building and stop to talk to each other from time to time. We're always laughing and joking with each other and get along really well.

  16. Not like siblings get along any better!? Lol. You're a very lucky lady. I hope to find what you have 1 day.

  17. Yes been here since I was 2 years old and im 26 now. I just haven't heard about any "current abortion thing" In Portland. I've just been busy living my life.

  18. Nah being busy is good for me. It gets my mind off things.

  19. I dated a guy who was ALWAYS on his phone when we would have a conversation. Then I asked him why are you always on your phone? And he said it's because he was shy. Don't spend time with me then if you are too shy to speak.

  20. He was pathetic and very selfish indeed. That's why I left him. And this man is 32 years old...time to grow up already.

  21. I understand for Khloe, I didn't know my value either for many years untill this year. Idk where this low self esteem comes from...

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