1. 70 USD is a lot for a Folklore, they usually go for lesser like $30-$60 range

  2. truee. The actual price is given as 50 usd but since I have to pay for shipment, it comes up to 70

  3. And he even brought the comedy back with the "my shit is real like I just poop Jerusalem" line. Nowadays his technicality distracts from the comedy like when he started.

  4. Yeezus is objectively a great album, you don’t even need to be ironic about it.

  5. Why does Em say it I was "3 foot 11" specifically? I genuinely didn't understand the reference, if there is one

  6. Love that album! The way he describes his life story of starting out as a pimp and then transforming himself to a literal butterfly 💯

  7. It’s fantastic. It’s a masterpiece and maybe top 100 albums of the genre. Not a top 5 though.

  8. True, not even best of the artist's discog tbh. Stepping On the Big Mr. Morale >>>>

  9. Yeah I got that part lol never listened to that part just jammed to it but lol

  10. He actually makes multiple references to Nas as a response to the "there can only be on king" line from "The Message" which was aimed at Biggie

  11. Yeah never listen but I could picture it sucks that they never had a chance to squash the beef or at least that I know of😢

  12. It wasn't a personal beef tho so imo it's fine. It's just the "friendly competition" thing that Kendrick had rapped about on his Control verse, for example.

  13. I do as a hobby. I have not recorded or performed any of my own raps though.

  14. Whoops is that a subliminal hint? No! Just criminal intent to sodomize women again

  15. Is This Love, D2 The LBC and The King and I are the new releases. The first song first appears here on the album but the other two were released weeks back.

  16. Finally a good take. Drizzy owns that new rap !!!!!

  17. Say that you a lesbian, girl me too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Happy cake day from: drake 🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  19. Drake that typa fella to wish you happy cake day!! Thank you drake! 🐐🐐

  20. Kool G Rap, The Game, Nas, Big Pun, Eminem, Pharaohe Monch

  21. Lil hoes you went to school with, boo boo!

  22. Hood Politics dawg, Your homeboy and the block that ya’ from, boo boo!

  23. Imitating her accent, Em makes a humble(?) request to butt fuck Nicki Minaj, who responded to it, out of the same dirty Em-humor, with a joke diss in the song “I’m Out” by Ciara:

  24. That's That by MF DOOM and Lose Yourself by Eminem are so satisfying to listen to

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