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  1. I'd imagine they tried so hard with the "deals" because they knew they likely didn't have anyone from sharetown to pick up the mattress.

  2. Nope.. it sat on the curb in the mattress bag my new mattress came in. Less than 2 hours later it was gone, someone must have needed a mattress and will never know just how good a deal the got for free. I can't guard the mattress to ensure it's picked up by the county trash creation. I have too much integrity and would never try and profit off this situation.

  3. Yes in terms that it has air chambers. But Sleep number has only one air chamber per side. Were as iSense has a bunch.This is what I bought

  4. My experience with stick up cams with a solar panel have been excellent. I live in a town house and from my camera to the end of my property is less than 30ft and within that zone is a sidewalk. I have never charged my battery except for the initial installation. My battery never goes below 90% except in the dead of winter on stormy days with little sun. Even then it never reached 50% battery life. Buy it from Amazon try it for 28 days. If it works for you keep, if not return it. My camera takes a snapshot every 5 min and sensitivity is set to Max, video length is set to 12o seconds.

  5. In the winter my driveway camera gets a little more than an hour of direct sunlight. I record all movement at max sensitivity and take snapshots every 5 min. After all that its always at 100% battery, except for like 3 days of overcast and snow and maybe it will get down to 80%. I've had it installed more than 5 years and never had to charge the battery.

  6. That was not chewed that was cut. I've worked with all sorts of communications cabling, and that was cut with out a doubt

  7. I believe you need to set it up under each ring doorbell

  8. I've been so tired I tried to badge into the bathroom and my car.

  9. I have been trying to figure this out for month. It only rings on my phone. It’s not ringing at my pre-wired house. My dad and brother has ring and rings in their houses. When some one rings the door bell, I don’t hear a sound at all. Please tell me what could be wrong here.

  10. Not something the average light bulb changer can do, but I like the way you think.

  11. That is what the spirits look like when they wonder by.

  12. If it were me I would get one of the Ring backing plates, either the one that came with your Ring Doorbell or an after market one, mount that with wedges under it. Go to a tile store, not a big box store but a tile store, they sell colored silicon grout in tubes. Match the grout to your mortar, mask around your Ring Doorbell and apply the silicon grout. I think you will like the result.

  13. It should not ask you to scan a QR code, that is for adding a device to her account. Since it's your wife, why not just use your account log in on her phone. I assume that you trust her :)

  14. The wago connectors are great, not trash like twist on connectors. Have you set up the Ring to trigger the ring chime?

  15. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro requires a doorbell transformer rated at 16-24 VAC 50/60HZ, 10-40VA max.

  16. No requirement here. If you post it in a visible make sure it does not have any Personal Informatin on it.

  17. Do a Google search for Ring camera pole mount. Plenty of choices that will work for doorbell and cameras. Good luck mounting it.

  18. If the homes are at two different addresses you can have two different locations on one Ring account. If that's what you are asking, but each location will be at additional cost. But yes they are controlled separately. Even if they are not say you have an inlaw suit you can add another location but each will have its own charge on your account. I have two different locations on one account.

  19. I would download a few different videos from days prior and save them. Download 2 or mor copies of the laser video. Take screen shots from prior videos and create a document. Save all the videos to a cd/dvd/thumb drive. File a Police report provide them with the videos.

  20. What series Ring Doorbell do you have? You have a old mechanical door bell. I believe all you need to do is hook up the door bell to the two wires where you removed the old door bell button. Can you take a picture of the mechanical doorbell withe cover off? Do not use the diode. Do you have the white thing that has 2 wires. Watch this video..

  21. Anti-Theft Video Doorbell Door Mount - Video Doorbell Mount for House Apartment Office, No-Drill Video Doorbell Holder for Most Popular Video Doorbell

  22. You can test this by manually activating the doorbell camera and talking then yelling. Then view and listen to the recording.

  23. It depends on if the ring doorbell is activated by Movement or Someone manually activating the camera via the app. The microphone is very sensitive, I tested that senerio on my ring doorbell and could not hear inside my home. Note: the microphone is facing away from my house. I can hear talking over 100 ft away. Very Sensitive Microphone!

  24. Unless it was an indoor camera I would not have any issues as there is no expectation of privacy in most spaces out doors.

  25. If you have any sun light in that area you need to get a Ring Solar panel. I have two cameras each with solar panels and I have never removed the batteries for charging. They are always at 100% charge, in the winter they have gone down to 80% a couple of times. Hope this info is helpful.

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