1. he kinda tried to protect the rapist until shawty went public with the info… and he continuously says that he on bruh side and that he don’t know what happened..while the girl has a rape kit proving he did it

  2. That is not what happened bruh, if you read the text in order she told him that one of his friends did something to her. At first he didn’t believe that a friend of his would do that but he still tried to figure out who did. She found a clear picture of the dude and Kai was shocked and according to him he went and confronted the guy, got his name, gave it to the legal team, and they told him not to speak. Kai never denied or covered up the guy. Yes the way he reacted emotionally and making the video wasn’t the best thing to do but he did not help or assist the criminal.

  3. She specifically told him not to contact his friend, this was requested by the police. Why would he do that? To warn his friend. There’s no other reason. Gave the rapist a heads up. Scummy as fuck. He deserves the hate.

  4. All we know is that according to him he didn’t warn his friend, he confronted him and made sure he got his full legal name so his legal team could give it to the victim. When details come out from the law we’ll know for sure what happened, but there is no confirmation about him denying knowing the friend or warning the friend.

  5. idk if this is meant to be saying these games suck but If so, why is sonic heroes in this geoup

  6. Sonic & the Waggle Knight? Someone actually liked that game?

  7. Are you taking lactation herbs? They not only help induce and maintain lactation but help build the size of the breasts up dramatically to keep the milk going. While I was always naturally busty and had previously lactated, a year into my journey I’ve gone from an F/FF to a GG/H. The night pump is very important to maintaining supply. The best fitting nursing bra with underwire is important too. I Didn’t use Dom. I scale back the herbs if I breasts feel too full.

  8. I’m tall and 3xl surprising doesn’t look baggy lol that, what size should I get?

  9. I’m tall and 3xl surprising doesn’t look baggy lol that, what size should I get?

  10. I’m in the opposite boat in a way. I really, really think it’s one of my husbands kinks but have no idea how to ask. I slightly incorporate it into sex but I would love to do more. I mean, last night I ‘bribed’ him into the bedroom to play with legos and told him we’re playing a different game instead. When I do little things like that, or simple things such as calling him a good boy, he gets very turned on.

  11. If you ever feel comfortable maybe try talking to him about. Maybe he's worried you wouldn't accept it as well.

  12. Alr, here I go then (English isn't my first language so feel free to ask questions if I didn't explain something properly)

  13. Did he describe what they looked like and do u have any other stories?

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