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  1. I’m begging you to get off the internet and ask a real woman if they want to be called a person who menstruates

  2. Periods are just a bodily function like taking a shit. If they're opposed why not require students to bring their own toilet paper? No one can be sure when their period is going to start (especially at that age) so having supplies if it comes only makes sense.

  3. Asking someone to act like a human isn’t too much no

  4. Got my checking in ally and my retirement in Schwab

  5. It's very sad and kind of concerning too. The big 4 are pillars of mainstream america and one of them is kind of starting to take a step back because of a mix of Russian and Christian players. NHL teams and players stepping away from just showing even the most minor support publicly is very sad and highlights how fragile allyship and rainbow capitalism can be at times.

  6. Wait till you find about how Mormons run the NFL

  7. So is she trying to imply that to be a POC your ancestors would have needed to be slaves? What a silly way of gatekeeping.

  8. Every Nigerian in America whose parents are doctors and they get a DEI job in shambles

  9. Please take two seconds to try to understand the argument here. Of course precedent and reliance interests should mean something, but the unelected federal courts that apply those values are not “democratic” as in elected/responsive to votes. When those courts decide that something is a right (as in Bruen or in Roe), that is not a “democratic” decision in the way that FedSoc was using that word.

  10. Talking about only allowing people with “something in the game” to vote- IE income or asset requirements is a pretty popular thing on the conservative internet, and these things generally filter down and and get laundered to the policy makers pretty quickly.

  11. It does if you accept that we have gotten to the point where the government will glass the entire planet with nukes before they let home prices slip or not offer a healthy ROI every month

  12. The intent was force pregnancies to gestation. The births and what happens to the babies after wasn’t considered. Their motivations are religious and the economics was hardly considered as evidence by the their lack of support for children and mothers.

  13. Exactly, it goes along with the push to end contraception access and pushing the adoption industry. You can social engineer if you take the children from the undeserving poor and have them raised by evangelical and Mormon families

  14. Yep. It’s readily apparent that with reels Meta is desperately trying to match TikTok but they can’t.

  15. Cool. Will it cost $870 for the complete game as well?

  16. Not convinced yet. Looks janky, sounds like it relies a lot on mods which I’m not sure I’m gonna be into

  17. According to what Reddit seems to think the Iraq was was “good” now

  18. i wanna say i 80% agree with you. i do think there is a lot of macho cultural stuff tied up with eating meat, or more accurately with not *not* eating meat in white western culture. and i think there's a conversation to be had about that somewhere.

  19. Beans, lentils and chickpeas are extremely cheap

  20. Also telling people they’ll spend their life eating chickpeas and lentils isn’t a great idea

  21. Well russians have to be made out to these non emotional drugged out inhuman shells that can only be saved by capitalism....errr.....i mean democracy

  22. Reddit basically says they and Chinese are bug people.

  23. No I read the comments and ascertained that white American Redditors somehow think Bush was a good ol boy who was just advancing democracy

  24. Go on, link me some comments that are "celebrating how epic and amazing the Iraq war was". Should be easy for you right?

  25. https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/11wdolz/on_this_day_20_years_ago_us_and_coalition_forces/jcyy4vg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1&context=3

  26. We need to stop saying ThankYouForYourService to the little shits pulling the trigger. They didn't direct the war, but put on their patriotism shades and slaughtered away.

  27. I think there are actual torts cases that argue that there is compensation due for pain and suffering in the time leading up to a plane crash

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