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  1. Taught a scrub jay to eat from my hand; I used a call to let him know I was outside.

  2. How did you pick a call? Based on their calls, or just a tune that's uniquely yours?

  3. I love this! You and that grandfather sound like magical souls.

  4. I can confirm. Source: My first grey hairs on my scalp popped up at 21.

  5. Same. All grey by 35. But I liked it- lots of different shades of grey, so I never dyed it.

  6. I met an ancient Englishman who had worked on two of Grace Kelly's films and he loved to tell stories of just how scandalous she was!

  7. “This season on Sister Wives: Secrets Revealed”. Here for it.

  8. Hmmm...could explain why Logan is so balanced and decent - if he's the only child unsullied by Kody's DNA....

  9. The teenager who works in the hardware store told me this story:

  10. lmqr says:

    I don't know if you're from a mountainous area, but in countries esp with poorer rural areas without state of the art infrastructure, this can actually be quite a common thing and people tend to just drive around it. (Other road users also seemed to deal with it quite fluently)

  11. Happens in the rural US, too - any little road that follows a creek, surrounded by rock cliffs, ends up with rocks on it during heavy rains. Mostly smaller tire-poppers, but some of the bigger boulders could take a driver out (highly unlikely - very few people even use these roads).

  12. That's an old item number. here's a used one on Poshmark:

  13. OK. I think I might try and find some other friends. Thank you

  14. You are about to make a boatload of new friends.

  15. Alternatively, at our age, we've seen (or even personally experienced) that many, many people are actually mostly emotional creatures (who therefore are often driven not to use their words/minds) (even so, they're still worthy, valuable and deserving of love). And adjacent to that, rationality/rationalism (of the kind that supposes us to be deliberate/intentional/choosing) is often aspirational, largely mythical--and possibly toxic in practice (deployed to devalue/dehumanize/justify cruelty/harshness/judgmentalism).

  16. (It's so funny, to me, that this eloquently stated truth is getting downvoted!)

  17. Nathan. He’s hard up for cash and a place to stay and he’s talked in the past about contemplating doing an OF

  18. Hmmmm...While it's probably Nathan, I can definitely imagine that Tyler would love the adulation and $$$. But his 'fame' is a double-edged sword: He cannot do an AF on the DL...😂

  19. I assumed it would be required, if the guy is a serious mormon.

  20. From the sight of the wedding dresses she’s picking I doubt it. And from her comments online I don’t think she’s having a temple wedding nor is she converting by the comments she’s made about her MIL. Would be hilarious to see this forced on her though OP!

  21. Agree! Also agree with other posters that she would rock it...

  22. Even the way it’s phrased “shooting your shot” is reminiscent of a guy just trying to get laid. Baking muffins is pretty damn wholesome compared to something that describes ejaculation. Trust us women when we say there IS a difference between a guy asking you out with good intentions vs the way they go about it when they just want to get laid asap. It can sometimes be sexually harassing and coercive bc men don’t take rejection well. I know we don’t have a lot of rights and body autonomy anymore but our bullshit and asshole detectors are working better than ever 😉

  23. Agree so much! I've observed that most men do not realize the degree of bodily harm that we worry about in public, all the time. Especially from men who openly admire our looks.

  24. He continues to act like this because you allow it.

  25. Very cute. But there is no universe in which I would pay $16. for one pair of underwear...but then, I'm old AF.

  26. I don’t know why but I think it’s not really someone who works at the OBGYN, either Kail’s camp (maybe even Chris lol) testing out how much people would pay or some random who thinks they can alter the ultrasound pics to look like Kail’s (i.e. photoshop her name on it).

  27. Good point - how could they confirm that the images were Kail's??

  28. Yes! I have to do this with the oven. When the oven gets turned on, the band goes on my wrist.

  29. I've had adhd for 66 years and never heard of the band idea.

  30. My friend came across the idea on tik tok and sent it to me because she knew that I had left the oven on for over a day more than once. It can literally be lifesaving.

  31. My friend burnt her house down because she left a lit candle by the window when she went out for the night. The wind blew the curtains into the roomand the curtains caught fire.

  32. My brain has a constant narrative going on - jokes, for me, are just sharing what I'm thinking. My innate honesty/lack of filter was a bad thing in my family, but humor was the exception; I learned that if I shared what I was thinking, as a joke, it was more acceptable. It seems to be true everywhere.

  33. The Leaving Eden podcast just did a 3 part episode on the Plaths and discussed how they think they fit into Fundieland.

  34. Thank you for this - I have a ton of housework that I'm procrastinating on doing today...this is the perfect incentive to put on my headphones and get the job(s) done!

  35. Or just in general all the towns that are impossible to pronounce unless someone told you the correct pronunciation.

  36. You understand that those are Indigenous American names. right?

  37. The only thing you can hope for to give you some solace is that with all these communities, they have a life cycle and a death. Wild Wild Country is one of the best examples I have seen, but any other examination of cults shows that there's good times, especially when money is flowing, but eventually there's a power struggle, infighting, abuses of power, and splits.

  38. They'll probably go the same way the hippy communities in the Pacific northwest went.

  39. Damm I honestly think they should get a divorce and just move on. Ethen is not being a supportive husband (we sow that time and time again in this season). Tbh they are way to young to be able to deal with all of the complications of a marriage

  40. Me too. I thought that they were both in therapy and had a chance.

  41. Thanks for posting this! How will the Kim apologists justify her credit card fraud?

  42. I've always wanted a therapist who would tell me that I'd look so much prettier if I smiled!

  43. Ha! I drank water from one of those 64 oz bottles of flavored seltzer and kept thinking, "This water tastes like an old house smells".

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