1. I don’t think it’s healthy to grind like this man

  2. Yeah, I get that. I'll rep him up at my own pace. It's honestly probably good to let the new hero hype go down atm. Dom is not very fun atm.

  3. Well just in general, my 4s games have gone horribly against medjay so far. Also I literally never play pvp breach anymore. It never goes well. At all.

  4. That may be true but I don't play for the dubs. I play for the reps. I try to win but if I can't oh well, I still get good so from it

  5. tkti says:

    Why is it great honor

  6. Who the f*** do you think you're talking to dude. That's my daughter you are disrespecting. "Wtf is that profile picture?" Wtf do you care? Mind your business and go bother someone else

  7. I mean that’s how the games played tbh. Nobody does “honorable” 1v1s anymore

  8. Honestly this has to be the funniest post I have ever read on this sub. Like honestly dude amazing material. Before conqs rework he was defense based, you wanted to get the full guard punish as much as possible. You had lights you could spam if the person couldn’t read them. But that’s it, conq didn’t have much going for him. But now he gets a rework that gets him able to actually engage more. Yeah the bash spams annoying as fuck, but now I can actually enjoy the dude. I’ve always liked conq, but he was just so slow to me I never played him. I got him to rep 12 before his rework btw. Everyone’s allowed to voice their opinion’s of course and they’re going to. But wasn’t cent the same way? Before you used to have to hope you got his cutscene in to do max damage, now you’re able to feint his punches and that shit gets annoying trying to read if the punch will go through or if I’m getting light spammed. Raiders storm tap used to stun lock you, now they’re able to still spam it minus the stun and they get uninterruptible heavies they can spam as well. Every hero has their issues obviously but no one’s perfect. And you can’t expect them to be, in any game really.

  9. Idk who you are but this nude isn’t yours to share and I have informed the young lady it belongs to

  10. Cant post images but it’s bottom right, in front of the evacuation area it’ll say bank on top and hotel on the side

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