1. ? Of course, you can be bipolar, but that has nothing to do with stuttering.

  2. Yeah, literally every Google result on the matter was about people speculating that they’re RELATED. 😒

  3. Tbh it probably has less to do with actual Iraqi ancestors and more likely any Bedouin ancestors you have have.

  4. I want to give an ultimatum too but would that be toxic? It’s just that I’ve been called toxic already so I’m a bit unsure about what I can do

  5. For now and future situations: if anyone is making you QUESTION your feelings about something by pointing fingers at you, then you are being gaslit. Now, THAT is a toxic situation. I wouldn't even give a gaslighter a chance with an ultimatum. But it's your life. If you really want to, I guess you can give him another chance. But I wouldn't want to be with gaslighters.

  6. Not everyone discusses having children before having sex. In fact, I'd say most people don't.

  7. Yeah, but society expects most people to want children. If you know you're an outlier, then you need to bring it up to avoid wasting their time/energy/etc.

  8. This girl watched you grow up? Knew you as a kid? Then as soon as you become of legal age she makes a move? Your sister should be mad. And you should be creeped out

  9. Mom of 3 here. Don’t meet up. Don’t stay in the kid’s life. There have been posts on here recently of people in similar situations — guys who have stayed in the kid’s life, and lo and behold, they get a new girlfriend who isn’t a fan of that and it causes big problems in the relationship because the new romantic partner ends up taking a backseat to the needs of an ex girlfriend’s child who is no relation. You know you want to move on, get married someday, and have kids of your own. Don’t do anything to jeopardize that. Leave the past in the past.

  10. What's wrong with meeting him one last time for closure? He shouldn't be ghosted at that young age.

  11. He needs professional help, and you need to get away from him

  12. I think the OP needs to seek therapy because she genuinely is mentally trapped and her abuser needs to be put behind bars (or at least reported to the police) because he has a history of perpetrating non-consensual sex.

  13. Then don't waste your time. Just delete his contact info, social media info, and move on. You don't have time to waste on someone not interested.

  14. This. If you REALLY believe he's not interested in you, then ACT ON IT instead of giving yourself hope that he might try to cajole you.

  15. How horny does someone have to be to leave a *friend* out in the cold? Did this happen this week? I know it was freezing af.

  16. ....I mean....he literally called them "homies".... All I gotta ask is is he referring to the endearing term or homosexuals? If it's the latter, he could be bi or he could be homophobic. If it's the latter, then I would dump him.

  17. Why didn't you just tell your psychologist that you're looking for a diagnosis? You can start all over again and risk the same problem or go back to that psychologist and tell her/him what you need she/he to address. Choice is yours. Both are fine choices in my textbook.

  18. No I realise that now. I don’t think he ever cared about me let alone loved me he never made the effort or showed me he did

  19. Are you just trying to get someone to say, "Oh you poor thing?" You're not going to get it from me, I'm sorry to say. I mean, you're an adult I'm assuming? So you're not entitled to anyone's attention. You have some serious growing up to do.

  20. LMAO if they're carrying someone's baby they probably deserve some acknowledgment, it's easy to put a baby in but it's not always easy to be a good person and own up to it huh

  21. She was talking about him when she was with him. Not after they broke up. Also, isn't OP's relationship over? He still needs to show he cares about this potential kid, but it seems like whatever she was trying to recover from HER relationship with him is over.

  22. A remote job as an oral history/research transcriber. Needless to say, this job was carefully selected...lol....

  23. for now i kinda feel bad for the girl because she was just in an abusive relationship and her guy friend is using that opportunity to (as far as we know) emotionally cheat on his girlfriend.

  24. It all just sounds like the OP is her partner's sugar mama. There are plenty of men out there who pick up the weight and do more things than use your money to "help" people behind your back. that's all I'm saying..

  25. It’s not a gender thing I think it’s just your wife’s preference.

  26. It's also not an age thing because my brother-in-law is 38 (I think?) and my sister is 34 and he hangs out with his own friends more than the couple dates that my sister's friends keep pushing upon them.

  27. So you repeatedly had unprotected sex with a woman who is barely sober from drugs and is, by your account “unstable”, and now there’s going to be a baby born to this woman and you, their dad who doesn’t want them?

  28. Hi! Would love to hear an outside interpretation of my reading I got as I need indepth understanding of what the cards are telling me about my situation and clarification.

  29. …and your reading is…? You can post a link to it or upload it here!!

  30. That’s certainly a valid reading you can draw from 1 card like that, but I would have drawn more to see if it’s likely the case given your existing knowledge of him and the circumstances of the break-up.

  31. He's literally telling you that he doesn't want to commit. What more do you need to know about him?

  32. In a weird way, that's so cute of him. He seems to want a real future with you. Sigh, I wish I could meet a guy like that!

  33. I think he just wanted an excuse to justify "hitting it and quitting it". At the very "best".

  34. Maybe you’re on the asexual spectrum? Have you wanted to do sexual things with women before?

  35. This was my first thought, that you could be asexual. But true, it could just be a label.

  36. I don't know what this is all about, but I just checked out my estimate and it has been updated.

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