1. Sentomaru was literally giving orders to Kizaru.

  2. Save diamonds for good banners, currently we have the 70 million downloads which offers some great characters.

  3. If you reintroduce mega evolution, how do you avoid reintroducing the competitive balancing problems that mega evolution is known to have?

  4. Yeah, I think Megas should be exclusive to casual gameplay if they ever come back. Even though I'm a mega lover (the first game I've ever came to play was X/Y, so it's quite biased), having such an stats increase is absolutely unfair, and besides that there's also the unmatch factor, since I think Gmaxes aren't leaving the game anytime soon.

  5. Wano was a good arc, and one of the best story arcs in all of anime.

  6. Honestly this is how opbr works, not your fault to like using Shanks, since he was made for you to like playing him.

  7. I feel like Doflamingo should be Chaotic Evil and Teach neutral evil.

  8. Save your gems for a better character, Oden is not even worthy to be called an ex.

  9. If Astumu is up and Hinata is down your opinion is not impopular it's just incoherent.

  10. Is the age of people voting based on their favourites coming to an end?

  11. I'd definetly go with Sachirou's mental fortitude and Reading skills, Tendo's almost certain hunches or Shirabu's capacity of going automatic.

  12. First, you have to Know what are the Volleyball set "Tempos", I'll give a pretty basic and erratic explanation from what I remember.

  13. Imagination is Iconic for me specially because of S4's ending. And with the recent reveals, how that's the last decent piece of Haikyuu anime we're getting also makes me emotional when I watch it.

  14. I'd say you have a good team but you'll be constantly playing with 5 and a Half players, since no one in this team Besides Hinata and Maybe Goshiki could get Bokuto hyped up after he has fallen to his moods.

  15. I can't tell if Futamata takes this team up or plummets the performance since he's gonna definetly do crazy stuff that he can't pull off.

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