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  1. He’s a better person than who he was. Hasn’t done anything terrible in years. But people don’t like when people learn from their mistakes and move on.

  2. I eat like a fucking locust on every strain, every method of ingestion.

  3. I’ll believe that when I hear Teresa ask her on the show. I don’t belive Teresa would have asked her.

  4. Being a professor is fairly easy. You don’t even necessarily need a degree. It’s harder now, but back then it was easy.

  5. I think you’re confusing professors with teachers. There is a very big line between both types of teaching

  6. Definitely not. Teachers need bachelors at most. In Florida veterans can be teachers without a degree.

  7. I don’t think he was jealous of her at all. Is anyone jealous of that woman? She’s a hot ass mess. I think he was super intrigued with her mind and how she lived life. Def not jealous Lmaoo.

  8. I think he was a good guy pre show and marriage but ultimately let fame and money get in his way. I won’t blame Teresa, but I think his marriage to her drained him. No excuse for what he has said to her. But I think in a way they both were awful to eachother. He seems like a better guy now after jail.

  9. Nothing. It was trending in twitter that it was confirmed they were leaving. People ran with it. So she made a statement saying they weren’t leaving housewives. Not that deep.

  10. i know im subscribed to this subreddit too.... but is anyone else weirded out that he just keeps posting pics of his hot assistant in provocative moments? He did this shit with Natalie too

  11. Yes. They’re all perverts making evything snexuals. Seems like OP and the people who keep posting this stuff didn’t have enough love from mommy and daddy. Or maybe they had TOO much love, if you know what I mean, and don’t know where to put that energy.

  12. I think the people who prefer Teresa are honestly a bit moronic. Melissa isn’t much better. But Teresa, since day one, has ALWAYS started drama, rumors, has never had any of her friends or family’s back, has always been a hypocrite when it comes to family and is a straight up mean girl. She went to jail for literally being money hungry and her and her ex put her parents in their graves. Melissa, at least from what we’ve seen on the show, has tried to ignore Teresa’s rude remarks, has tried to move forward, has tried to help bring the family together. Even when Joe wanted nothing to do with Tre, Melissa still am tired to convince Joe to try. Melissa and Joe dropped friends and family to prove to Teresa that they’re on her side and have her back. and Teresa doesn’t even bat an eye. She just expects it and doesn’t say thank you. The list of awful things Teresa has done to friends and family and mean comments she’s made goes on and on. What specifically has Joe and Melissa done to purposely hurt Teresa?

  13. I mean if you want Tiffany’s go for it…but it’s very small and not that appealing.

  14. Loralei was so out of hand this entire episode and going off on Luke the way she did was incredibly selfish and disgusting. Luke had a kid to be worried about too but did she care? No. Of course she had a right to be upset but Rory had a fracture. She was clearly fine. Loralei then just expected Luke to move on from the whole fight like it was nothing. And then because SHE was hurt after the Chris situation she shows up at the diner looking to be consoled from Luke. She cares about no one but herself and was so out of line.

  15. Oh. Sherri 100%. Luke needed to be with Nicole to get to Loralei. Sherri was just fucking annoying.

  16. Yeah I don't understand how both joe & Tre keep saying they were brought up to know how super important family was, when the parents didn't speak for 15yrs over $200!!! Kathy tried to makeup with Tre/joe dad and he walked out on her. Also by the way Tre treats and talks about Kathy like she isnt her family. Weird family dynamics tbh

  17. Tre doesn’t value family like she says. She’s always tried to be superior to her brother and any family. She doesn’t support or have their backs. She’s a hypocrite.

  18. I 100% agree. I'm re-watch S5 rn, and Tre is being so nasty about Kathy baking business. "Last year Kathy was a housewive, this year she has a business. Are her cannoli edible? Yes. Congratulations Kathy.. did I roll my eyes too much? " Tre is so nasty and bitter when people close to her succeed. She's green with envy, it's so sad to see. Even when she made her fabullini drink, she had to try to knock down Bethenny skiny girl brand. It's really is a sickness

  19. Omg!! I know!! She was so evil season 5. She dropped them for no legit reason. They tried so hard to patch things up and make things better and she wanted nothing. Melissa em Joe dropped them too to support Teresa. And I’m sure Teresa didn’t even bay an eye or say thank you for doing that. Although I know it’s shitty I’m kind of glad Joe didn’t go to the wedding. Teresa has never been good to them. I know Joe & Melissa aren’t the best either, Teresa was worse.

  20. Whoever this is about, idc. Melissa is a bottom feeder just like that poisonous imp Joey. All of the fake ‘I wanna make amends with my stepsister’; if she came with what she actually thought, she’d be somewhat of a good HW.

  21. Calling someone an imp is extremely offensive. You should get a new vocabulary.

  22. Nah, I’m good. It’s a gaming reference, no need to virtue signal.

  23. It’s crazy cause if she kept her hair like and didn’t try to look black this on her wedding day she would have been gorg

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