1. I hate IVs precisely because they're so important.

  2. Red Dragon Archfiend/ Resonators is pretty fun. It's legitimately shocking how far the combos can carry you - it's just a shame that the ceiling on the deck is kinda low. Red Supernova Dragon is an incredible boss and Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss is an awesome Omni negate- but that's it, the deck struggles to put out more interaction than that. That said, it's also very good at rebuilding back into that board time and time again because the resonator engine generates a ton of bodies constantly. The deck feels really fun to play while also being completely fair, so it's perfect for playing with friends- it's just a shame that fun and fair decks can only take you so far competitively.

  3. Do you maybe have a list you wouldn't mind dming me? Been wanting to build resonators for a min and could use a good starting point.

  4. My list isn't great but it's pretty standard and a good place to start I suppose.

  5. Clear Vice Dragon is a rough card to build around. It's on field effect is kind of good but it has no archetypical support and getting both it and the field spell out at the same time is going to be hard.

  6. It's an unfair to say there are circles in this image at all. The "circles" have pixelated edges which are flush with the edges of the other lines, meaning there are no curved lines at all, hence, no circles. You can trick your brain into maybe seeing some circles if you squint and perhaps have poor vision, but at that stage you're lying to yourself and deliberately trying to see a pattern which doesn't exist.

  7. You can Flip Flip-monsters with the same timing as Trap Cards.

  8. Not sure of it qualifies exactly but I think we can all agree Gate Guardian would have been better as an XYZ card.

  9. Pendulum rituals would be cool, especially if each monster doubles as its own summoning spell, or could ritual summon from the extra deck. Aesthetically based on Genies, with the lamp acting as the pendulum scale.

  10. Any Metroid would be a good bet. My choice would be Zero Mission.

  11. Drytron and Megalith are super cool Ritual supporting engines and Impcantation are great support as well, they just won't achieve much as a deck by themselves.

  12. I think the hats and visuals are fine, I definitely prefer it to Dynamax visually, but the gimmick itself is pretty nasty, and doesn't sound super fun.

  13. Volcanion probably would have been an additional legendary instead of a mythical, and it would have been encountered under the power plant.

  14. Fun thing I found out recently- Mega Medicham learns no dark moves except Fling (unusable), meaning that despite having one of the highest attack stats in the game, it is completely walled by every ghost type.

  15. i dunno how unorthodox it is, but I used to be a big fan of Wetlands/Solidarity paleofrogs. summoning a 4800 every time a trap card gets flipped is excessive

  16. Volcanic Rocket was weirdly ahead of its time and super good even by today's standards. It activates on Summon (not Normal Summon- ANY summon) is not once per turn AND adds a blaze accelerator from either Deck OR Graveyard.

  17. Oh so like the Regis represent the Ice Age, Stone Age, and Iron Age respectively? That's quite cool. Regidraco and regieleki as a medieval/ future time period are reasonable (if slightly stretched) analogies but I could see it. Regieleki could also cover the 'enlightened age'. Unfortunately the theory doesn't account for Regigigas, how does that tie in?

  18. A reason everyone seems to have ignored for some reason is that saying 'homosexuals' would include homosexual women, which would be misleading. 'Men who have sex with other men' is the clearest and simplest demarcation of who is at highest risk.

  19. The Killer Instinct soundtrack is from the same composer as Doom (Mick Gordon). Legit, the Tiger Warrior may be his best ever work- super underrated

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