1. If it's so small a thing, why can't they accommodate you and your wife?

  2. The solution is incredibly simple. Ban guns, or atleast heavily restrict them.

  3. There a lots of guns in other countries that don't have mass shootings as the US does. The biggest difference is the other countries have universal healthcare and better access to education. If you can't change the second amendment, then start building gun safety into your educational system.

  4. I joined the Navy and got posted to BC. I wouldn't want to move off Van Island now.

  5. On facebook there is Hiking Enthusiasts Vancouver Island, people are always looking for a hiking buddy there.

  6. Best way is to wave to everyone on street and Introduce yourself, if you meet a kind Victorian.. they might reciprocate and talk to you.. or else you will be, beware of this guy.. 😆

  7. Some modern cities made streets N-S and Avenues E-W so if you are on a st or ave you have a good idea which direction you are heading.

  8. Education is the way out, and that is what makes it hard as education isn't free in North America.

  9. We have allowed our politicians to write into law that servers can be paid less than minimum wage. As such we have agreed societally that we will tip to make up that difference so that servers can be paid fairly. BC only changed this in 2021 so that the min wage is the min wage, not every province has followed suit.

  10. You can take comfort he was cut from the CFL before he was picked up by WWE?

  11. If you were working call Work Safe BC and register the claim with them as well. WCB will probably be involved as well. Make sure it is properly documented with your employer. If you have a union contact them for support as well. Go to a Dr and get your injuries documented.

  12. I don't think we are getting proper value for the taxes we are currently paying, it'll be hard to convince me to pay more on the pipedream of mental health coverage.

  13. I wont lend more than the friendship is worth to me. If not getting paid back the $10 I lent you is enough for me to walk away from the friendship, I won't lend them $10.

  14. Yup! This is how I would do it. Even maybe do something nice like bringing in a box of donuts or something.

  15. My uncle went to the same Tim's every day, and got his morning coffee and the dogs their Tim bits. When he passed away the staff at that Tim's came to his memorial.

  16. I was in the Navy, when someone on the warship needed to use the restroom, unless there was an emergency, I let them use the restroom. I can promise you there is nothing in your junior english class that comes close to being as important as people being at their station on a warship, and I could let them go. You didn't even have a reason! Your lack of professionalism and your bullying of your students is offensive. YTA

  17. Your aunt is a creep. Who the hell assumes that kids are going to be giving out (or getting, for that matter...) handjobs when they are in 6th grade???

  18. By the time my mom retired as a elementary school principal their concern for grade six was more than just a HJ, the accessibility to porn has changed the average age for everything now.

  19. I think "common Sense" comes from common experience. That can come from different influences, generational, cultural, industry or school.

  20. So you rent the basement, not a basement suite? I would say that taking on this kind of responsibility changes the nature of your current agreement and that the current lease would need to be reexamined if you are to take on this kind of responsibility.

  21. I make a big batch of pasta sauce with spaghetti the first day, then I use the leftovers to make lasagna with

  22. Almost every success business has a system that it runs. It's good advice. It's better if you are running the system rather than the system running you, though.

  23. If fresh is TOO much effort, at least get the jars of minced or crushed garlic. Fresh is better than those, but those are better than powdered.

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