1. Lindsay could stop with all her Amazon clothing hauls and donate that money to charities or literally anything else..she has a serious shopping addiction

  2. And the face that he lied about his age to her when they first met

  3. I had a tamagotchi pet when I was a kid, it was a panda and my older brother had set it up, where it was awake at night and slept through the day so it died fairly quickly

  4. Was the panda a plastic “realistic” version like toy with a screen on the stomach?

  5. I went to a different high school than my brother, he went to a school near our house and I went to school in a different district because my mom worked for that district

  6. Milo is the perfect one!! Especially since he was on Disney's Zombies, and it being on Disney+ now 😊

  7. It might have been after Hiram changed his name.

  8. https://ew.com/tv/2020/01/30/ryan-jenkins-jasmine-fiore-megan-wants-a-millionaire/

  9. I’m surprised that your store allows doctor notes, we are not allowed doctor notes at my store

  10. He did it with Koko too as his partner and Kiki as coreographer! which I found out very randomly the other night on a youtube video they did explaining the whole thing, pretty cool show I always liked the Singer version so much

  11. Several pros have talked about having to get approved to go out of network and sometimes getting denied, like I believe Derek was denied choreographing on SYTYCD. Idk if that has changed since multi-year contracts has ended tho

  12. I loved that movie. I probably watched it 50 times.

  13. Evan Lysacek & Anna got straight 8's for their freestyle, which I can't honestly disagree with.

  14. If I remember correctly Evan and Anna had a bit of creative differences about the freestyle and Carrie Ann also said that it looks like two people dancing separately instead of together

  15. To add to what OP said, Will Smith turned down the role of Neo because he chose to be the lead in Wild Wild West. Yes he thought Wild Wild West was the better movie. Boy was he so wrong. Although not his best decision he said that Keanu was so perfect that he didn't think he could've done a better job. It worked out for both of them. He's talked about this several times.

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