AITA for kicking a server out of my wedding?

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  1. BART is the way to go. You probably need to transfer at Bay Point to the Pleasanton line.

  2. Mock trial, speech and debate, youth and government, boys/girls state, work at the library, police junior scout, youth commission of your town, volunteer on political campaign, activism, college course in rhetoric, philisophy etc

  3. Break it for whom? Admissions don’t care. If they wrote on their apps that they are “breaking stereotypes” that just shows how small their world view is! Many many white and asian people have jobs, just like everyone else.

  4. Do you mean switching from high school to high school?

  5. Probably the minute you have the house to yourselves, heh heh.

  6. Compared to UCSB, the area surrounding Davis is quite lacking.

  7. Well obviously theres’s not the beach but the town is very collegey. Sacramento is cool, you can go to Tahoe or the Bay.

  8. Where are you now? Could do SB city college and then Davis!

  9. CSS is like “what if you sell your house?” “Do you have any clothes that are new with tags?” “What does your dad’s new girlfriend do?”

  10. I think it’s actually how she feels and she’s blaming her bf. It is pretty gross to share a room with a couple.

  11. Next time someone “pressures” you, break up instead of just doing what he says.

  12. “Dream catering company” got me … like who fantasizes about their catering company?? Lol

  13. Super weird that an 18yr old in high school is staying an engagement ring though, gotta say

  14. She’s the most attractive girl in the world, so…

  15. More kids go to public school in a recession! Privates empty almost overnight.

  16. It’s fine. I’d suggest you and spouse get going anyway and people can figure it out.

  17. I’d say tardy cause ideally you are more than just one or 2 feet in the door at the bell.

  18. Wtf is his joke supposed to mean. Everyone has ancestors.

  19. its a formal autumn wedding. def want the groomsmen in black!

  20. I’m gonna say black for maximum sophistication and not looking christmassy too early. Your girls will love having that dress in black too.

  21. I was gonna say blue but the black looks super sharp with the groomsmen.

  22. I’d say that all the “field of teaching” that is not in the classroom is nonsense jobs and you’d be better off doing something else entirely.

  23. What field of teaching jobs are you referring to, that aren't in the classroom?

  24. Like “curriculum developer” or whatever. “Special assignments” —-> administration

  25. I don’t really mind but i might push it if i wanted to do a morning and then an evening and then none the next day. I don’t think the app blocks you from doing it so they are probably just bringing it up because people are not getting into classes because of others doubling.

  26. This is why people want equal numbers of attendants /s JOKE!!!!

  27. I saw some but they were lighter colors (no black) — are those the ones you mean?

  28. Holy shit, the first link is what I wanted but when I tried to order yesterday 4 was sold out. For some reason it was available just now so I lucked out and got it. Thank you!!

  29. Yes, I agree that hosts should specify who is invited and follow established etiquette for invitations.

  30. If one has a little social sense, one can check in a smooth way. Like “oh congrats! We’re so excited. We’ll ask so and so to watch our bundle of joy, cause you just wanted me and spousey, right?”

  31. I wouldn't be miffed about if it happened to me, but this isn't good etiquette. A wedding or any important event is a lot to manage without every guest hitting you for information included in the invite. It would also put the host in an awkward position of having to explicitly tell you not to bring someone to their event.

  32. Ok but as the OP shows, the world is not perfect!!!!!!!

  33. Lots of people do this. Hopefully they will chime in.

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