1. Point whoring is dumb. Point whoring with a puppy in a disc golf forum is really dumb.

  2. Wow what a Scrooge lmfao. Super triggered after a simple photo of a dog. I guess you’d like 30 more selfies of dudes holding their pointer fingers up for aces.

  3. Karakin S tier and Erangel C tier. S tier troll job. Karakin is one of the worst map designs of all time.

  4. Confirmed. Great buyer. Would highly recommend. Thanks again.

  5. Confirmed. Great buyer! Would do business with again. Thank you!

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/discexchange/comments/v1c202/discmania_and_discraft_for_sale_or_trade_looking/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  7. Great trade and agreed with everything they said. Confirmed. Thanks again.

  8. Confirmed! Would sell to again. Great buyer.

  9. My buddies and I called it 12 pack. On your map it’s labeled as dirty dozen though.

  10. I’d do $25 shipped for the blue metal flake Destroyer if it isn’t super lightweight.

  11. Understandable for sure! I have too many destroyer type discs or I’d considered the lot.

  12. Are you scared of life!? - Eagle McMahon

  13. I’ll offer $50 for the Iron Samurai. Np if that’s too low.

  14. Still looking to trade? I have a backup new blue with gold stamp. 177g I think. What do you have for trade bait?

  15. Full tilt the rest of the night for the dude you panned. This was so sick.

  16. Man the salt is raining from this post, is it cause it's Wednesday or something? like holy mercy guys chill out already.

  17. This sub is super toxic about TPP clips. Good shit though, ignore these weird internet trolls. Also, my Reddit name is basically my gamertag so you weren’t wrong in assuming that could be true for the other angry redditor.

  18. Good dad. Getting his son into the greatest sport known to man.

  19. Someone has you beat first. If they don't respond I will let you know.

  20. Well I wish they would have publicly BIN but alright.

  21. just the nature of this subreddit. lots of people prefer to say "PM" and do things privately. Not like Facebook where it's all public.

  22. I would agree but there is public BIN prices which, imo, warrants public BIN. Private BIN also makes it harder to see who actually BIN first. Regardless of my opinion, I’ll be next in line still if the PM person falls through.

  23. I'm not even a try hard, tpp is just silly to me and the play style isn't very rewarding to me. I said play what you want and enjoy it, I was stating that to me someone standing with their face in a wall or a tree and popping out and shooting people already pre-aimed isn't very challenging or fun or fair lol

  24. All good. I understand your opinion. I’m a big fan of both first and third person shooters. They definitely play totally different. Different strategies and all that jazz. I started really liking third person cover system games as a kid. Winback Covert Operations got me into them. Ever since then, I have tried to play the popular third person titles like Gears of War. Also, this game back in beta stages was only third person so it just became my primary game mode as the game improved and added new modes.

  25. Ok fuck you I retract my last couple statements. I didn’t check the gun, it sounded like a groza on my phone. I was wrong probably could be done with the ump. Good shit bro keep slaying.

  26. Thanks man! I appreciate it honestly. I’m just an average joe with a cool clip to show lol.

  27. I have one if you still need one.

  28. Doing the same routine every single putt has helped me tremendously. I feel like my brain immediately feels more comfortable and confident in whatever putt when I’m going through my routine. A stack of putters and a home basket definitely will help as well. Keep practicing and you’ll get there in no time!

  29. Iron Samurai 2. Lost one and only have 1 left. I love this run!

  30. Anime is sexualized and synonymous with Pedophilia . If that statement is correct and it is , then what can I help you with ?

  31. What an amazing generalization to an entire genre lmfao. Thank you for letting me know every single anime is full of pedophilia.

  32. Doing a bit of gate keeping ? I wonder what side you fall on when it comes to children . I think we can assume. Good luck with that. It’s generally frowned on by most communities just FYI .

  33. Lol this is the strangest conversation I have ever been apart of. I defended anime so now I like children? You have to be trolling.

  34. Gosh dammit this was such an awesome weekend to watch disc golf. Instant classic for me.

  35. Oh my gosh you are wildly dramatic dude. Broken beyond repair lmfao! Take a chill pill. Calvin’s made putt makes McBeth’s par putt irrelevant. Also, do you even know if the rules are the same with a playoff? Since a playoff ends immediately after someone scores higher than their competitor.

  36. I’m here for all the Office memes. Love it

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