1. Looks like a happy unit! You should definitely find some time to play with her cat more often!

  2. Appreciate that!!! I’m getting better . I think I found my flow. I been doing same exact thing past 3-4 times and they’re all coming out pretty consistent. This was the one though

  3. If it tasted as great as it looks then change nothing about how you're doing it! No sense in changing if you loved it!

  4. Personally I like putting oil on diamond hones because it keeps it cleaner. That being said it honestly works fine just going dry but it will load up a bit quicker and you'll need a clean rag to wipe and or dab the excess off. Play around with both and see what you like better!

  5. Yeahhhh, unfortunately she passed this time a year ago, and I found this old photo on my phone and needed to immortalize her big ol tummy on Reddit lol

  6. Aw I'm sorry to hear that! We've had 4 cats pass and it's hard but it's pics like these that make it easier! We have one cat now and she's a little chubby cow cat lol Her name's Rosi :3

  7. Yes! Thank you for understanding. We called her BIG MAMA SMOO, and she helped us raise our other cat, Seymour Buttz. And now he has begun to fill those big chonky shoes himself.

  8. Facts. Sumi is the only likeable Rent a GF waifu honestly

  9. Go back to your Manga, you lonely sad sack.

  10. Oh you woke up from your nap I see. I also understand you took a look at my page. Guess you decided you needed to try something else because your original attempts got you nowhere

  11. Original attempts? At what? Change your diaper, and take your little blue pill and go make yourself useful.

  12. I don't like that the homeless sleep that close to the street due to idiots that may go up the curb but this is another form of jack-assary that I despise

  13. Damn that's a big bottle lol Never seen one that large. I'm not a rye guy but I've heard this one is good

  14. You're really bad at counting if you thought that was 4 seconds 🤣🤣🤣 For real though I see this all the time and its irritating as hell

  15. Hah, yeah. I probably should have counted exactly. But hey! got the clicks! lol

  16. Ah shit. Steve got another knife. That’s the 7th one this week.

  17. I've understood that they're trying to be cool with their branding but I hated it when they started it. It's just asking for your stuff to get stolen

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