1. Fucking my dad is 56 and he rocks with yeat he aint inna subbie or nuffin hes german so hes not tuned into all this shit but my dad rocks w yeat

  2. It was a funny ass meme of Winnie da poh in a trench coat in the matrix

  3. Ahhh my buddy used to be the demon doing this kinda shit man i am sorry

  4. Don’t commit suicide download tarkov map on your phone or get a map of some sort im sure others have been saying the same and yeah Tarkov sucks i hope you have a terrible time

  5. I actually play tarkov on 3 volume i have the most sensitive ears this was a good list of horse beating

  6. Im in the same boat same age same feeling but recently before anything started i wrote on a peice of paper everything i wanna do better at everything i wanna do all my goals etc etc write that down and after that me and my ex broke up and so i was down in the dumps but than you gotta be like holup im awesome we are stardust and we only live once the fuck am i doing go get yourself a job or do something that motivates you if you like games stream make YouTube videos if you like music make music do something that interests you and makes you happy and you genuinely have to try to do what your telling yourself to do i said i wanted to go fly my rc helicopter with my dad I haven’t done that for that past week i said that to myself a week ago so im gonna go and fucking do that ( i probably will not) but yea please please do what makes you happy if your sad or dont feel good talk to anyone you feel comfortable with and be a viba dont do drugs drugs aren’t cool and yea i hope you do better man i got a job recently all this i am genuinely caring about school start loving yhe things you hate i hate math i hate it but i have to do it so i learned a certain enjoyment for it just stay up boss man

  7. Its more for if your internet has spikes and stuff like around nighttime my ping will spike up to 200 and than back down to 30 and sometimes even just goes out but its very cool and good imo even helps if your tryna play on different servers, i have European friends id like to play with and i was not able too a few wipes ago but now we have minimal issues

  8. Ak 74m with the god damn cheap lvl 1 prapor attachments

  9. Exactly. Have you ever seen those mobile game ads where it says “lvl. 1 Boss, lvl. 3 Assassin” and so on? It’s kinda like that in real life. There’s levels to this shit.

  10. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ but hey who are we to judge we’ll never know if shordy down fr or just there for the money. But still imo I think bro whipped and might take an L

  11. Personally ion think so she was upper before him tbh considering she a model and has all these ventures i think they perfect for eachother tbh she even big sista mode to baby tonka its cute

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