Followed me home from work and tried getting in my house, after I didn’t let it in i felt guilty cause I could hear fireworks going off, opened my door and it came running in. Had to pop down Tescos for some cat food and now she’s napping on my settee. Guess I have a cat now. What should I call her?

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  1. I always like pre-drinks before meeting up with people and sometimes even pre-pre-drink drinks.


  3. Think it's finally representative of the population, most people would only register themselves or their child as religious for school purposes

  4. Ugh I feel you, it’s like trying to date or navigate dating without going to restaurants

  5. I felt this in my absolute core, my trying not to seem like I'm an absolute psychopath to my new boyfriend 🤡

  6. You don't have to have something big to break your fast but your hangover won't suck as much if you've had some nutrients!!

  7. Glad to see no one here is suffering from bad mental health. Sometimes my depression keeps me from brushing for days on end. And I know that the longest I’ve not brushed for isn’t even that bad compared to plenty of depressed people.

  8. In the same bost here and its nice to see someone else who gets it, although never nice to see someone else suffering.

  9. Literally it will. I'm fat and people treat fat people differently and my dad has never stopped reminding me of that fact. 🥹

  10. As a vegan who hates coconut and soy, and was a vegetarian prior who hates cheese, you have my greatest sympathies and understanding

  11. Jammy red is the shit. Love that stuff, especially good when it's in the 6 bottle 25% off offer at sainsburys

  12. My dogs terrified of fireworks and thunder, cat don't give a single fuck, vacuum cleaner is far more scary to him.

  13. Same with mine, fireworks are absolutely fine but the hoover or a laundry basket and she's out of there

  14. It's strange, because my dog doesn't give a fuck, but my cat always hides as soon as he heard them lol

  15. Aw bless! I'm glad this is only once or twice a year at least 🥲

  16. I miss the fortune telling fish. Not seen one of them in years ☹️

  17. Yes absolutely, other patrons custom aside it cab trigger fire alarms

  18. I would personally ditch Zara. Every item I’ve had from them it has fallen apart within a year.

  19. Yeah I've watched videos of people looking into their clothes before, a lot of lazy stitching, cheap materials used and corners cut in order to maximise profits.

  20. Bug for Manchester - just a team of Beedrill

  21. Thinking about how much I don't want to do the next one usually

  22. It's bullshit. I have never, and will never, understand people's obsession with someone else's genitals.

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