1. This is the sweetest thing I've seen all month. I hope she enjoyed it! This is an adorable idea

  2. NTA - that’s some seriously manipulative shit your husband pulled. That is not ok and very hypocritical given his Man Cave rules. I think once he agrees that his kids can play in his Man Cave, then they can play in the camper.

  3. Absolutely on the compromise^ sounds like he doesn't parent much. Change that.

  4. Read stone butch blues + my lesbian husband if you want some good text on it. Basically if non-binary people can use any pronouns, so can everyone else no? Theres gay guys that use she/her and lesbians that use he/him and it's been like that for a long time. I myself am a he/him butch lesbian who experiences dysphoria. I though I was a trans guy for a while but loving woman as a man was not. Right. Being a lesbian and loving my femme as a butch is what feels right. I don't use she/her pronouns and tbh don't want men Specifically to see me as a woman, but woman can? If that makes sense. This isn't an uncommon feeling. I use he pronouns do distance myself from femininity, but I keep the parts that feel good. It's hard for me to explain idk, plenty of others can probably be more eloquent than myself. But I thought since I'm a he/him lesbian I should put my two cents in. Basic thing though: pronouns don't equal gender, clothes don't equal gender. Presentation doesn't equal gender? And gender is kinda a social construct in itself and everything we associate woth genders really .. is a side effect of white supremacy and colonizing. Idk I hope this helps! Anyone else feel free to add on lol <3

  5. That green one looks like malachite, not sure about the others

  6. Yes they look like aphids. Hope you have ladybugs.

  7. Just like me and my gf lol. Im 4'9 and she's 5'11 but always wears doc martens to boost up to 6'2. I'm crazy in love with my tall gf.

  8. Add more hides and leaves + logs for climbing and hiding. Ball pythons don't like open spaces. My general rule is 1 hide per 10 gallons in a tank + one more. So a 20 gallon has 3 hides. I go two dry, one humid. One dry warm one cool, to allow for self regulating of heat. Also try to invest in some fake plants to add clutter. Despite what some people say ball pythons enjoy enrichment like that!

  9. thank you! i really appreciate it! i was just concerned because this was very recent. also do you think the clutter could help keep my ambient temp up because i swear no matter what i do it’s never exactly warm enough!! i have a uth and a heat lamp with a thermostat.

  10. I wouldn't use a lamp, they can burn things too easy and suck for ambient heat, especially for snakes that need higher humidity. If you have the money to get a radiant heat panel, I'd highly recommend one!

  11. If you put some triple antibiotic cream like Neosporin with no extra oils (no cocoa butter or anything) it helps heal faster. Antibiotic cream is safe for them afaik since my vet recommend it to me for my snake a few years ago

  12. I just started injections myself and am having a hard time doing it myself. It's so hard to stick a needle in yourself by your own free will, don't feel bad about it. You can always have someone close to you help or some clinics will do it for you. I'm sure you can do it by yourself one day too if that's what you want, you can put mind over matter I'm sure! If you don't want to to them though that's ok, plenty of trans people go years and years just having others do the shots for them. It's nothing tone ashamed of, needles are tough for many people. You aren't alone! Sorry if this is worded weird I just got out of a dentist root canal and am a little loopy. I am wishing you the best though and am so proud of you for being brave enough to do shots 💕💞 my GF doesn't do shots she does pills because she cannot stand needles. It is okay!!! It's always alright to have someone else help you or switch if u need 💕💞

  13. Thank you! 💕 I guess I was being too hard on myself for relying on others!

  14. Never be ashamed to ask for help, people who care are always there for you!!!

  15. Lol, I hope your procedure went well! Gotta love that anesthetic

  16. It doesn't hurt tbatsalli care about. It went good but hurt at the end so I got more numb and some pain killers. I love u bibibi Theo guy thank u it went so well

  17. Because they put themselves into the shoes of the men in the porn

  18. Literally dealt with false memories my whole life. Had one yesterday about my grandma having been in the hospital for a stroke.

  19. Finally someone as disgusting as me... I dip my Takis in cream cheese. Sometimes hummus.

  20. Have you ever tried Doritos in cream cheese? Fucking game changer.

  21. Everyone has a unique trans experience, don't worry! You are whatever you are and whatever feels good. Don't be afraid to experiment with gender too! It's your body you get to make these decisions for yourself

  22. How I feel getting my sharps box and going to needle exchanges

  23. Pluto conjunct Saturn! Also lines up with many wars throughout history

  24. 1913 - 1916: Saturn conjunct Pluto - Eruption of World War 1

  25. so 1918 - 1919 flu correlated to a different type of transit?

  26. Pull up a natal chart for the start and see! I'm unsure

  27. Pro tip for injections: mix up your injection sites, doing it on the same spot repeatedly can cause the area to harden and make injections there harder in the future.

  28. Yup! My doctor told me to alternate thighs until I'm comfortable with the needles and can do it in my stomach or butt too

  29. Oh that's super neat! I'll have to find one, thank you!

  30. Good gecko vibes 10/10 good luck on your journey 🥺❤️

  31. Trans into male im guessing? Good luck and congrats! Ive got a friend who is also transgender, transitioning to male

  32. I'm on injections once a week and just started today, will it affect me like this?? :0

  33. I’m on injection once every week too, I just noticed yesterday that it grew. so maybe it’ll happen to you too, the paper they gave me at the clinic said 3 months in I’ll get growth but looks like it’s coming a lil early 😂

  34. Read stone butch blues. There doesn't need to be a new name, you already described it yourself. Non-binary lesbian. Lesbians have a history of complicated relationship with gender. I myself am a non-binary lesbian and the only tie to women I have is loving them. I am only ok with being perceived as a woman when it's by other wlw tbh, and I use he pronouns, and generally present butch. To everyone else, I like to be perceived as male, but when I come home to my femme... I'm her girlfriend and of course she's mine. I still prefer the word husband over wife but again that's not uncommon with lesbians. Read more lesbian literature that deals with complicated relations to gender, if you want a few more recs I read a lot and have a few I can name besides the iconic stone butch blues.

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