Who was actually the worst President ever?

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  1. How about paying the ticket and whatever comes with it. Keep your foot off the gas petal

  2. Democrats have control of Congress and the White House.

  3. Always listen to your dog. They hear more and have a sense of awareness we don't. She said turn around and you may have regretted it if you did not.

  4. Duke power is being provided security by the Moore county sheriff for the crews trying to fix the substations. So the linemen trying to get power back now require armed security in fear of more violence.

  5. The 4 o’clock press conference that is probably linked on WRAL said multiple federal agencies have taken over the investigation including the FBI. So FBI for sure and maybe Homeland security, but only FBI identified by name.

  6. Neither one of these two are white. Yet preach the hardcore white supremacist shit I don't get it

  7. Do not listen to that fool. He knows nothing about the breed they are built to do exactly what you are doing with him. He is happy, healthy and a joy to be around once he gets all his energy out Keep it up and have a happy life with your dog.

  8. Does this idiot understand except for his money, they would treat him just as badly as they treat most black people.

  9. Why does this need to be a repeated message? It's raining. My and others drivers , vision is limited. I know, I will put on my lights so everyone can see me and I can see them.

  10. So someone unknown to trump just gets to sit down to dinner with him? What exactly does his secret service guys do?

  11. I'm currently receiving a DUI in the Poconos because my blood test revealed trace amounts of my legally prescribed cannabis from three weeks earlier. It's a maximum level DUI, same as being shitface drunk and causing a wreck. I'm facing a month in jail, a year suspension, year and a half interlock, and more than $5,000 in fines on top of the $3500 I have to pay a lawyer just to plead guilty.

  12. I would get a good lawyer and fight this. There is no standard for level of weed in your system. Trace amounts mean nothing.

  13. Exactly. But dumbass Dookie and his dumbass followers wouldn’t think, “hmmm maybe if I check a verifiable source, I’d see that this is just an error on the part of this specific reporting agency”.

  14. This is disgusting. You want to do Battle, do with John. Better yet, don't do it at all. But I bet he scares you.You know my repub great mother is rolling in her grave. What ever happened to manners ? Some level of respect?

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