1. I don't get why you are saying him beating Buggy would beess insane power creep than him beating Luffy, as well all knkw that Buggy is way stronger than Luffy

  2. How do you make a list like this? I'd love to make one myself

  3. I don't, but I'm hoping to get one soon. There are so many Playstation exclusives I really want to play.

  4. The Fake Karakura Town Arc isn't very good, and most of the fights are useless and repetitive

  5. Aizen one-shots. Madara can probably win with hax (Genjutsu + durability negation soul absorption). Pucci maybe wins, but I'm not sure how high his AP is.

  6. Fair warning, the Bakshi film (depicted above) is very different from the Rankin-Bass films (The Hobbit and The Return of the King). The former is odd but inoffensive (apart from insipid Sam); the latter is a mockery of the source material.

  7. The rumor about Sasuke liking girls with long hair was so widespread, even the Sound ninja had heard about it lmao

  8. I like to imagine Kabuto briefing Orochimaru on that

  9. Rocket could easily create a weapon capable of blowing up moons

  10. If Dio has Za Warudo he takes it easy diff don’t really remember the range of his stand. And dio having no chakra flow means genjustu wont work dio wins round 1 round 2 I might give this to madara he might surround dio with wood clone justu and fire dragon flame bomb justu at all angles. Vampire are weak to fire.

  11. The World doesn't help DIO at all. At best it just guarantees him a few seconds to come to terms with his death before he gets one-shot by Madara. Even in stopped time, DIO's punches wouldn't even be remotely close enough to harm Madara.

  12. Doctor Manhattan wins easily with precognition he will see tony coming from a mile away he’ll vaporize Ironman if Ironman built something to be immune to ion radiation Dr Manhattan can just change elements into something that corrodes his armor. Dr Manhattan is too OP even the movie version but if you said it was the HBO Watchmen Show then Ironman wins easily.

  13. What feats does Dr Manhattan have in that movie that put him above Iron Man?

  14. Devs and the game itself: "The Norse Gods are stronger than the Greek Gods"

  15. Honestly, I don't. I feel like his twist was handled pretty poorly and his character before and after it are almost unreconcilable (if the story wants to portray him as a secret hero, then why did he go out of his way to torture random people?). I also hate how much the story constantly wanks him. In general I kind of just find him annoying, I much preferred him before the twist.

  16. Gaara wouldn't make it past round 1 with these stipulations. They'd just drop a neutron bomb on him and be done with it...or use any number of biological or chemical weapons.

  17. Itachi should stomp. He is Biju level, and Biju can vaporize mountains, which is far above anything Shin Godzilla has shown.

  18. Why do you say that? We haven't seen any other Greek gods, so why do you think there are others stronger than him?

  19. Unironically, Obito could have probably soloed the Shinobi Alliance. It would have taken him a while, but they would not have been able to defeat him. This is of course assuming that the Hokage are not brought back with Edo Tensei and that Itachi wasn't there to bring Sasuke to the good guy team.

  20. I love Narnia. While I'm not a Christian myself and don't really care about Aslan as a Jesus allegory or anything, I can appreciate its themes are about the good aspects of Christianity. It isn't Evangelical propaganda or anything, and I think it can be enjoyed by anyone of any religion, even if a Christian would probably get more out of it.

  21. Bleach should win. The Monarchs are very powerful, stronger than most Captains, and have tons of hax, but Bleach simply scales higher in both areas.

  22. Idk if Ywach or Ichibe scale above Yamamoto. I say they’re comparable in power. Yamamoto lost because he was prepped against and because he kinda gimped himself mentally. I’m talking about non-almighty Ywach.

  23. Saying they are comparable is fair. My logic for Ichibe scaling above Yamamoto is that Yhwach called him the "pinnacle of Shinigami," so Yhwach seems to think that Ichibe is stronger.

  24. Personally, FMA is the only anime where I far prefer the dub. I think its great, and as far as I know does not butcher the translation.

  25. Escanor, he casually took an attack by an amped up Galand that the shock waves cut a hill/mountain in half and only bleed a little. Reminder that Galand easily took on the majority of the seven deadly sins and won easily.

  26. Endeavor scales pretty high though. His flames, combined with those from Shoto and Dabi, generated a hurricane of unprecedented strength stretching from Japan to the US west coast.

  27. It looks terrible. I have no idea why the MCU seems to think that more shapes = better. There are so many great costumes in the MCU significantly brought down by random lines.

  28. Definitely, as from a normal person's perspective, it is almost identical to the real world. The main difference would be that things like ghosts and "alien" abductions are real, albeit incredibly uncommon. Uncommon enough that people don't believe in them. The main benefit is that it would be possible to learn magic.

  29. Baryon Naruto stomps. He was beating up Isshiki without much difficulty, and only started losing because of the time limit.

  30. Garou blitzes and one shots that fodder. Even if you wank Raditz to moon level he still gets annihilated.

  31. How can you think that Moon level Raditz is wank?

  32. Yami should take this one pretty easily. He has spatial manipulation, which is a hard counter to Gojo's Infinity. In addition, he is way faster and stronger, so without Infinity, Gojo has no real way of fighting back.

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