1. How did DICE become what it is when THIS is your roots?

  2. Seriously. Iraq had a WAY better equipped and trained army than Ukraine did with FAR more vehicles and the US S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-E-D them. Can only imagine Russia's catastrophic defeats if it tried to take us on now, let alone NATO as a whole.

  3. Have you seen this subreddit? And not just this subreddit. Whenever sunny is mentioned it just becomes a tennis game of just lines being copied and pasted over and over.

  4. That’s every show’s subreddit. Easily one of the worst things about Reddit and it has permeated throughout all of these subs

  5. Look, I'm an atheist but I still believe that Jesus was a real person, I just don't think he was the son of God. That said I definitely don't believe that we could find any physical evidence of his existence, seeing as he would have lived 2000 years ago in a decently populated area with almost entirely wooden and cloth possessions that would rot away long before now.

  6. As a Christian I think this stuff verges on idol worship which is very ironic

  7. Icebreakers: Haha stupid battleship can’t even get unstuck from ice

  8. Can’t get stuck in ice if there’s no ice left

  9. Mine never have any audio when recording a clip, I hope they fix that too!

  10. Not sure which is worse but I definitely hope both issues are resolved

  11. Yeah him I got. But who is the other? Google says a freshman bounced but he was a walk on.

  12. My brother in Christ, that’s 2 5* QBs. Rattler and Caleb left after last year. Call off the search party, there are no others

  13. Lmao. I didn’t think anyone wanted rattler so I ignored his inclusion.

  14. With Caleb leaving I would have rather had him in the mix. Obviously it’s selfish but even if he played one down I’d rather have him. Probably better for his career to be elsewhere but that’s the truth

  15. I don't know. Maybe the real beverage was the friends we made along the way

  16. Bro if you drink me I will be so mad

  17. I’m in WW2 for a year. Might go hangout with my grandparents since I know they make it through

  18. Agreed. Something just needs to be done to improve visibility some. There’s definitely a middle ground between playing Ghillie in the Mist on every map and having a spotlight shining on players

  19. You’re welcome to your opinion. I disagree

  20. Multiple blades put extra tension and stress on the skin and follicle which is not healthy. Once I started using a single disposable blade, and changing it every 2 or 3 shaves, my face was much happier.

  21. I’m with the other guy. Where are you getting 100 blades for $10? Mine are like $10 for 5

  22. I don’t see the problem here, it looks like it worked! Frankly more countries should invest in very expensive, one-time use mine sweepers

  23. Yeah I didn’t know that either lol

  24. Upvoted because it’s an original idea (at least first time I’ve seen it) and I like it in theory but realistically this would never happen. You can’t even place barbed wire if there’s a twig in the way. I don’t think this engine can do any sort of destruction. Even DICE settled for preset foxhole locations in BFV

  25. see, if i could even get a chance to play sniper, maybe there's a chance i'd do something this cool.

  26. Tbh I enjoy playing spotter a lot more than actually sniping. If you’re on Xbox feel free to add me and you can snipe with me. GT is the same as my name here

  27. Yeah totally understand that safety comes first and so there’s not a whole lot of leeway in creativity. Just seems like an opportunity to do Doom instead

  28. To be fair the context here is that Lando is affiliated with (owns? Not sure tbh) an esports team. That esports team is now competing in Halo esports.

  29. I was wholly unaware of the background so thanks for the info! With that in mind, yes it makes way more sense to do Halo lol

  30. I have Bomber Crew on my switch and it’s fun. Not for everyone but I enjoy it

  31. I mean I downloaded it after it was announced for gamepass and people said it was like Doom so I’m excited to try it (been too busy with work). But “underrated gem”? The game has hardly been available

  32. As someone that lives in a hurricane prone area and went to school in tornado alley, it’s actually awesome (meant literally) to be outside before, or as, a storm is hitting. It’s honestly exhilarating and as long as it’s not a “oh shit I’m running for my life” moment, it can be fun to see what nature is capable of.

  33. Are you on console? Pretty sure they switched the rotation with the update last week so people could try to new maps

  34. This is why I started to shoot first and ask questions later. Although occasionally I’d have a teammate fire back and we’d get into a 2 second gunfight where we weren’t sure if we were teammates or had bad aim

  35. My Great Grandpa Fred E. Guild Jr. might have fought with your uncle. He is still alive and I feel he is a connection to the past. He is a hero and I will be very sad the day we lose him. I send my condolences to you about your uncle.

  36. Be sure you record any stories he has of the war and his life (assuming he’s willing to talk about them). This is my one regret with my grandfather. I have since written down his stories from WW2 that I could remember but I’m definitely forgetting pieces and it would have been special having him on camera or voice recorded

  37. Unfortunately he lives across the country from me, so it's hard to talk to him in person. He does have some great stories about working with explosive ordinance and having boxing matches with the guys. He was at Normandy and Market Garden, I'm pretty sure he was at the bulge too. He has a lot of stories to tell.

  38. Just something to consider when you see him next. Definitely worth cherishing these guys

  39. Not gonna lie, kids from this decade barely know stuff from the last 20-30 years

  40. Tbf shit is being churned out at such a high rate now that it’s impossible for people to even consume all of the new stuff

  41. They should've given him the Ned Flanders ski suit. The victory animation would be the same as Homer's daydream with Warden saying "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!"

  42. I still can’t see it. Anyone mind adding a red circle to help me with this?

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