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  1. If you got this battle pass in chapter 1 though you would think it was amazing though

  2. God gives us free Will meaning he doesn’t control us and the decisions we make, but he shows us the right decisions we should make but the devil is a liar and thief that works overtime just to hurt and show the wrong saying it’s good when it’s not, god is very alive and will comeback again to his children

  3. I’m not hear to change your mind just hear to tell the truth, I respect your believes, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna bash yours, so don’t bash mine

  4. insane clutch dude! They emailed me about your clutch too!!!

  5. I’m sorry but bro can take out a whole army with that thumb

  6. 3 golems, 15 witches, (rest is cleanup troops) 4 lightning, 2 eq, 1 choice spell

  7. I had worked great for 2 years then I upgraded cause I felt like it worked great still

  8. Sounds like you need to enable snapping. IIRC it's in the Options menu.

  9. I thought they were doing a celebration dance when they both got up lol

  10. It’s not the same post just same format, but what I do

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