1. Yeah people are freaking out way too much over this, as if starters automatically get hurt in any pre-season game they play in lol

  2. Ken Dorsey's playbook is the same as Brian Daboll's playbook as he isn't changing the entire offense.

  3. Lol and that's when things clicked for the O line, proper personnel in their proper positions helped Singletary significantly towards the end of the season. The question was, why did it take Daboll so long to figure it out, even the Bills podcasters were pleading all season for pin and pull to help the run game.

  4. No idea but the Pats have a zillion dollars locked up in tight ends so I'm not sure what use they'll have for him

  5. If training camp is any indication, Oliver is gonna have himself a great season.

  6. It's very dangerous to perform however due to how quickly private servers reset, I highly recommend you get either a friend or courier to help you!

  7. There is now a setting under private server "shared world" I believe it's called, turn this on and you will be fine.

  8. The whole idea of crafting is not for you to get what you want, it is to get you to play the game for more hours. After crafting maybe 30 SS pieces I realised it was a fools errand and gave up. The one decent piece I crafted went in my stash forever.

  9. It's not a fools errand, many people have rolled full sets of what they are looking for, myself included. Just need patience and some luck.

  10. Have a feeling Touchdown Jesus isn’t making it after next game unless he has a monster outing. I could be wrong but with Shakir and Hodgins coming on, along with Diggs, Davis and possibly Crowder I don’t see much room for Kumerow.

  11. My best non legacy and my go to weapon came from her, quad 25ffr25vats fixer. She is a Saint.

  12. Pinned on the front page of the sub- the vault update for the week

  13. Geez, just answer there question. Tomorrow(Tue.) at reset it begins.

  14. The second you fire the explosive one, you will no longer get sneak bonuses.

  15. Should have had him sign the house... Just don't throw it at him.

  16. I remember the camp rumblings about him after he got drafted, before the injury. I hope we don't let him get away, but with how stacked we are at wr it might be tough.

  17. Not disconnected, but I am noticing when I join active events that it takes longer for enemies to load in that are actively damaging me.

  18. It's the "bright headlamp" that doesn't exist for excavator.

  19. It greyed out for me around 129 or 130 a couple weeks ago. a few days after that It started giving me new levels. im 1/2 way done lvl 140 now

  20. Same stopped after 129, but then like 5 days later after no score, it just started going again. Level 137 at the moment.

  21. We know that the game is down, and it's gonna take more time.

  22. Double everything weekend. Double xp, scrip, gold, caps. They did this once for an apology I believe.

  23. If looking for a Fallout vibe, Book Of Eli nails it imo.

  24. I have a quad ffr fr that collects dust in my stash, I'm sure I'll use it eventually though.

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