1. Is the game still active??

  2. Wait porn Stache from OITNB plays master chief?

  3. Isn’t it just the good place?

  4. How did you take this picture?

  5. Thought it was coming to game pass?

  6. Why does buzz look like he turns his body cam off

  7. Why does buzz look like he turns his body cam off

  8. Oh… you’re offended by this? Someone post that link of the guy with the cum box under his bed… you gon learn to-day!

  9. did the 93+ and got bergkamp :(, i dont think he would be better than gelson anyway though bergkamp did his part by going into puskas

  10. Mid lahm has 1200 games for me

  11. I remember one time me and the wife were in town and saw Poundland had a £1 vibrator, just a little white, cheap thing.

  12. Mrs still has her Poundland buzzer,it’s amazing

  13. bro probably called Humphrey or some shit 💀💀

  14. Does world hunger have 5 star 5 star though

  15. Still waiting for silver stars objectives to show I need my nketiah

  16. Still stuck at 60Fps on Series X. Love it.

  17. Would the 83/84/85 x20 be enough for me to complete moments Henry? I also have a fair few 88+s in the club ready for him

  18. Returning from like 2 years away,what’s the best route to get my power level maxed out?

  19. No rush man, they've done a great job evening things out, it's not like it was before. You can do everything outside of endgame (grandmaster strikes,/master raids/trials/iron banner) at a low power level. If you've got some good exotics/remember how to play the game, I highly recommend just grabbing a friend and going for the legendary campaign. Otherwise do stuff at your own pace and grab the weapons/quests rather than grinding for power level. Power level requirements are gonna increase in four weeks anyway so you can just passively level while doing fun stuff

  20. Is it worth buying all of the dlcs or wait a bit til I’m caught up? Prices are steep lmao

  21. Pretty fucked how they let go of Jeff Leach as Ghost. He did an amazing job

  22. Fairbrass back,worthy trade!

  23. Mk4 golf at the minute,my little pride n joy

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