[OC] my full aluminium Iron Man Armor (handmade), 200 parts, 100 hours of work

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  1. The Inkify variants cannot be obtained yet. They are only available to bots for now.

  2. Did you ever had a code review? It is a tool to maintain the quality of code and share knowledge. If all of your work is questioned, there is either problem with your colleagues or your work

  3. To be be fair, the picture is a great description of the academic peer review process. It's not a question of work or colleagues, most researchers have to deal with this.

  4. This is almost certainly what happened. It's run by a single brand-new user named

  5. Reddit commentators are not a good measure of how obscure something is.

  6. I have been bugging friends for years to watch it because I have no one to discuss it with. Fucking brilliant show. The Rehearsal was trippy too.

  7. Is it Nathan For You? What is it about, in a minimum amount of spoilers?

  8. The show is ostensibly about the host, Nathan, helping out small businesses by giving them novel ideas to try out. In reality, he always chooses the most wildly impractical, absolutely hilarious and completely ineffectual ideas, but he suggests them with deadpan sincerity so people just go along with it.

  9. Is it with real people or are they actors? I wasn't sure from the clip.

  10. I think people like the nuanced dialogue and character work of HOTD over ROP’s flashy CGI.

  11. You mean boobies and blood, right? I've only seen episodes 1 and 2, and apart from rehashing GoT it didn't seem interesting, and it was just comical how Matt Smith's character is the bad guy. Am I missing something? Because it really looked like they wanted to show some boobs, some blood, and some obvious betrayal.

  12. I was personally more interested in the struggles of a man caught between the love of his family and his duty per his station, both clashing and causing a tragic backfire stemming from his good intentions that would doom thousands to die in the exact kind of familial civil war he’d been hoping to avoid but couldn’t help but cause due to his broken heart.

  13. As a Brit that has always been pretty indifferent to the monarchy, this is a weird feeling...

  14. I'm in the same boat, and I'm French.When Diana passed it was a very sad moment for us too, and now learning the Queen's passing, I feel a bit empty inside. I usually don't care much, but gotta respect her tenure. What a reign.

  15. What kind of magical place do you live in?!

  16. I built a basic destroy deck, decent until at least Gold. Let me know if you have any questions.

  17. Some guy who probably misunderstands The Punisher ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  18. I'm passionate about tap dance :) I love rhythm, and improvising through tap dance on music.

  19. Interesting. Well, I'd say I actually learned something here. I myself do not use my race (I'm white) to have power over other races and although I have seen it used I just think it's something that happens from time to time, like any racism (I'm not saying that makes it acceptable). I did not know other races are constantly being put down by white people and I have yet to learn how the system works. Thank you.

  20. They pushed a fix but it still isn't working. Earlier I could launch (but major controller issues) but now I can't even launch the game. Anyone else still having issues?

  21. Some day you will then have two moves left, and you will know that the hidden word could be any one of {after, avert, extra, terra, treat}. What will you do then?

  22. Thanks for the pro-tip. I still like that I get to raise dough with my first two words though :/

  23. I use 4 starting words, I know it's a lot but it gets me there most times in under a minute:

  24. It would make for a great sleeper build :)

  25. Nah, there's no right mode, no need to gatekeep Wordle.

  26. I too play on hard mode. When you realize you’re stuck in a pattern you’ve got to start using common letters quickly. Like I would have used T well before Z or V.

  27. Thanks for the podcasts Michael, much appreciated!

  28. I have been lucky right before on the caches, so there's that!

  29. 100 heures c'est en comptant le temps de changer à Châtelet pour prendre le RER A ?

  30. So many visual bugs squashed! I have this one too. Pretty amazing it's so consistent.

  31. Yeah, I think it's to show that they really believe in the Death of their game...

  32. I don't believe Second Dinner would have accepted funding from NetEase if it meant NetEase had any control over the monetization model of the game. They know the industry, they know NetEase's reputation, if they did give any control to a company like that, shame on them.

  33. Something something see yourself become the villain.

  34. I'm a lurker from europe without beta access: What is the predatory practice? I've mostly seen praise for Second Dinner here.

  35. Don't know why you got downvoted, that's a legit question.

  36. Thanks, I understand the concept of a pity timer. Still a terrible system.

  37. Yeah. I still feel like it's at best feel-bad to only have the pity timer reset after 500 CL, which takes a long time to get to.

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