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  1. You cannot run csgo on max settings at 1440p with 200+fps without a 3070, but lower res yes you’re fine

  2. Playing on full hd or higher on laptop is stupid, most csgo plsyers play stretched so the game looks.bigger, especially on laptop

  3. What does it mean when you say "play stretched" - like they are playing in really higher resolution like 2K or 4K?

  4. Strecthed means lower pixel resolutions ,for example 1024x768( 4:3) , it gives lower quality picture but it gives framerate boost and and makes image bigger in csgo.

  5. I live in New Zealand, should’ve clarified that, my bad. So I’m just gonna assume you use USD so if I convert it to that it’s right around 1,100usd

  6. Ja ih usisavo tjedan dana , bacao kavu po njima, sodu bikarbonu, osto, nista od toga nije pomoglo. Nabavio Raid za mrave , bacio jednom i nisu se vratili

  7. So tragic, driver probably thought he is very close to their destination and that he doesn't need to take a break.

  8. I was in Rabac ( Istria ) in one of Valamar hotels, it was great , service was really kind and people were good mannered, enjoyed 8 days in hotel.

  9. To to je do vode, inc u restoranima se prebrisu cistom krpom (vlaznom) da se to ne vidi, nije higijenski ali zbog ljudi poput tebe se to radi

  10. This one for reddit specifically:

  11. Koja sramota brajo, idi vjezbaj , pocni pricat s ljudima da ti pomognu i naci ces se odma u krugu tih vjezbaca i to su vecinom super ljudi.

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