1. Hasta me he emocionado, le voy a pegar un wishlistazo importante

  2. Acabo de jugar un rato hasta el boss de la demo y esta chulo y es original.

  3. Sorry to disturb you guys, But I think you should implement a Difficulty Mode, Like Easy, Normal and hard for the final version Since the Game’s Difficulty is fairly Tough. And could be fustrating for new players.

  4. Definitely! For this demo there was no time to do it, but the game will require it.

  5. I've looked into it and sadly it seems we can't get it with just the demo, so we will have to wait

  6. It says it’s gonna be on the Switch and I assume it’s on PC by default, but what about PS4? (Cos that’s all I have)

  7. Sadly we can only afford a PC port and a Switch port (because we have experience with that console and it's the maximum we can do being 2 people). Doing more consoles would require a lot more development time and money, or a porting studio (which is also money).

  8. They've apparently worked on the Mika and the Witch's Mountain while trying to get money and that got an absurdly successful kickstarter so maybe some money went to them.

  9. We don't have extra funds, but we are only 2 (which means we are cheap) and we aren't bitting more than we can chew. While it's going to take some time, the numbers are adding up.

  10. Hola, se ve muy bueno el juego! Les interesaría ser entrevistados para un Podcast de videojuegos?

  11. Gracias! Pues no se la verdad, no hemos hecho ninguna otra entrevista antes.

  12. Wow, se ve increíble! Fueron los 5 años a tiempo completo? Se ve que tiene mucho curro.

  13. Fueron 3 años desde el primer prototipo hasta el primer Kickstarter, que fallamos. Entonces buscamos un trabajo a media jornada y durante otros 2 años continuamos trabajando en el juego, pero dispuestos a cambiar cualquier cosa del juego (ya que tal y como estaba no había funcionado). Quitamos que fuera cooperativo a cambio de que pudieras cambiar entre personajes (gracias un poco a suerte y encontrar un bug en el juego que hacía algo parecido) y tras pivotar el juego de esa forma hemos sacado este otro Kickstarter, haciendo ya 5 años desde que empezamos.

  14. It will take a couple of years, but a demo is already available on Steam

  15. Unfortunatley i'm like the one person in the world that doesn't have steam, but when i eventually have my oen computer, i'll definitely play and try to support yall.

  16. Like what you see? The Kickstarter is still running!

  17. Like what you see? The Kickstarter is still running!

  18. Played through the demo. The game has a lot more mechanical depth than I could surmise from the trailer, and overall I had a good time. Wishlisted! A few points, though.

  19. I did read your previous comment indeed. Because of the Kickstarter I became unable to keep up with everything though, so I didn't answer you. Still, thank you for trying the demo and the wishlist!

  20. I like the idea of the platforming sections acting as brief breaks between beat 'em up segments, but it just rang as dull to me. To be fair, platformers are one of my favorite genres, so there's definitely bias.

  21. Thank you for taking your time, this are good points to consider. I asked because it's always good to get some ideas or feedback, it never hurts.

  22. While it wasn't good for performance, I used it as an easy way to stack multiple refraction effects, like shockwaves.

  23. Did you have to write a custom shader for that? I'm working with water and fog but I'm not a shader specialist so I'm trying to understand how these things work as best as I can. Refraction reflection and transparency in particular. shockwave looks complicated. Found this video about URP shockwaves but it's 20min long and I don't use it.

  24. I would try to be more helpful but I'm a bit pressed by time.

  25. This looks great. Good on you guys for using the failed KS Campaign as motivation to reassess, and push forward.

  26. Damn, looks cool. I would have though that it did pretty well on Kickstarter.

  27. We are working right now with a composer called GVG and he has been doing an amazing job.

  28. Where will the demo be hosted? Is it going to be through Steam or a separate download?

  29. It will be both in Steam and Gamejolt. We may upload it to other places too.

  30. Dude having been there for the first Kickstarter a couple years ago that failed, this is genuinely inspiring to see them keep persevering on the game and actually make it the second time around.

  31. Thank you! We couldn't just give up!

  32. Looks pretty cool, though the budget seems a little small for another 2 years of development?

  33. It is indeed. It's barely enough, but that's how it works with Kickstarters sadly.

  34. We are going to try again with a Kickstarter

  35. None that I remember, but lots of playing and analyzing DMC, KH and even rayman 3

  36. The UI reminds me of persona (though ive only ever seen a few clips of it.)

  37. It's inspired by them, their UI is just awesome.

  38. I am sure companies like Microsoft will pay you to have that on Game Pass, good job !

  39. Well that's something we hadn't even considered. I do know we don't want this to be exclusive to xbox or something like that, and I don't own an xbox... idk how game pass even works, I use Steam

  40. omg you added exit animations it actually looks so much cleaner now holy shit this is awesome

  41. This looks so good. The combat system is great. I hope a can do something like this on my game.

  42. Thank you. It was quite difficult, if I can recommend something it would be to iterate until it feels good and then some more

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