1. Telling me that I need therapy just for being shy, quiet, not having a gf, don’t talk a lot, and don’t go out much.

  2. I don’t think the know what therapy is for.

  3. Lol Idk why but that sounds crazy, funny, and interesting at the same time. I wonder how the baby would look like. Probably blue mixed with tan.

  4. Was there ever a moment you wanted to use the bathroom but he was in there?

  5. Went almost 2 years before I realized I had not once witnessed him brush his teeth

  6. I went away with my ex and saw his toothbrush for the first time. It had black mould growing on it and the bristles were so flat the toothbrush had a middle parting. I had a conversation with him about hygiene and told him to get a new toothbrush but when I stayed at his house two weeks later the cursed toothbrush was still there...so I ended it.

  7. I wish I could see the moment you saw it two weeks later I would’ve been laughing.

  8. Depends on where we are. At home- no problem. In a restaurant- I'd think they never learnt table manners

  9. I don’t want to laugh but this is funny. Just tell your boyfriend the truth.

  10. I wish I had known he was a control freak. He would tell my grown ass what I'm allowed and not allowed to do. The sex was bad and I thought I was asexual...I wish I had waited. I wish I had sex with other people during college.

  11. Your butt plug, it can go even more further inside your ass while you and your husband have anal sex?

  12. He fucks my pussy with it up my ass haha he doesn’t use his cock to shove it further up my ass😂

  13. Honestly it already feels like the old car insurance commercial with the guy dangling a dollar on a fishing line

  14. I don’t like the music can it just be ambience the moment it was recorded

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