1. I’m a solo player, how much product from MC business can I sell by myself?

  2. How bad are the Coyotes? I know they were really bad this year but do they have any prospects or something that might help them in the future?

  3. Career mode is set up a bit weird compared to most story mode but I like it. They let you select which series you race in personally what I did was race in the lowest series (dirt track) and if I finished top 3 and the end of the season I moved up to the next series and I did that until I got to the cup series.

  4. Why would you want a hazard setter? It can be useful in competitive if you do it right, but during a normal playthrough that's kinda... useless. In the same amount of time a slightly better leveled Pokemon could wipe out the Pokemon you're trying to chip away at. Focus on coverage and Pokemon with decent attack or special attack stats.

  5. Hazards are extremely useful if played correctly most teams in major battles during a play through don’t have a way to prevent/get rid of hazards. Toxic spikes are a prime example. You sacrifice 2 turns at the beginning of a battle then every Pokémon afterwards is subjected to being badly poisoned. Who wouldn’t want that. Now if your not willing to have a slot on your team be taken by a Pokémon to do that I get it. I just prefer to have a hazard setter on my team.

  6. You can see a complete list of our Theme Deck reviews here:

  7. That one with dragonite works well, relentless flame as well. You can start winning heme tournaments with those then move in once you get some packs to trade

  8. Try playing it without downloading and if it plays without any problem then you should log out and login back into your account. It's preferable that you clear cache before logging back in.

  9. I though he was the original don’t let him get in or he does half of your health

  10. Falke is the best for this. No motion inputs or charge. Great buttons. Good projectile.

  11. Dhalsim has always been a fairly advanced character. His strength is being able to keep opponents out of range, whilst additionally overwhelming the opponent with lots of trickery. But Dhalsim absolutely cannot let an opponent get close. As you’ve experienced, once an opponent gets in and lands a combo or 2, Dhalsim suffers a LOT of damage. For this reason your defence & reaction times need to be on point: you can’t let them get close, and it pays to be very aggressive with Dhalsim.

  12. Is there another zoner who has some decent coverage if they get inside?

  13. They're programmed to do that. Just the nature of Expert and Master classes.

  14. Dumb question, but how exactly to you take out your rival? I’ve tried before and I ether spin them or do nothing

  15. Having a second favorite team isn't that weird. Being a fan of a division rival isn't too common, though.

  16. Yeah, I really just love the D-Backs jerseys and colors and the first little league team I was on was the Rockies. So they have both caused me lots of pain.

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