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  1. Unpopular Opinion I think but I thought all forms of combat in this game were pretty ass. It was a complete dice roll if combos actually worked properly regardless of how correct your inputs were.

  2. I wish they would decide if they want this game to be realistic or not. So much inconsistency…

  3. The crazy thing is that when the flea was removed last wipe for a week all the players where crying. now people say ban the flea. boy i tell you

  4. Probably because people are tired of the hacking problem. BSG takes measures to help reduce hacking by making a bunch of changes that make the game worse for the honest players while the cheating problem continues to get worse.

  5. not gonna read but consider the game did release on switch where likely many people did not play world/ice, so this would be a first time to them.

  6. I think a lot of people are coming from World which was their first game. They didn’t play the older games so they aren’t used to a lot of monsters being reused/ported to the new games. For them it’s weird coming into a new game and seeing most of the monsters they have already fought.

  7. Keep in mind, Iceborne's first title update was Rajang. That's right, just Rajang, he didn't exist until post launch. Then every title update after that gave us 1/2 new mons. Many people are forgetting that.

  8. I don’t think peoples expectations were too high. The announced two variants and then there were two more they kept secret before release. I don’t think it’s out the question to assume that those two would be new monsters and not more variants. Why bother hiding the Rath variants when they are in most of the games?

  9. I feel like if you have to go out of your way to fix exploits like this in all of your games then maybe it’s a good sign that your base doesn’t enjoy the RNG bullshit in your game.

  10. It’s about the same. Other than monsters having more health and doing a little more damage I did not find Sunbreak to be the level of difficulty the game needed. Better for some, worse for others. Clear times are about the same with fights lasting 10-15 minutes.

  11. Well, Anjanath is one of the most realistic looking monsters in the game. If it didn’t have its wings and nosebone it would be a straight up dinosaur. I

  12. Dinosaurs are monsters though. That word can be synonymous with anything that is big, scary, and fantasy like which Anjanath is on all counts.

  13. Friend: "Dude I really wanna start coding, how do I get started?"

  14. To be fair you did tell him to use code academy which really doesn’t teach well.

  15. Some people just don’t have the mind for it. I know I don’t. I have tried to get into programming a number of times in my life thinking, “I’m older now maybe this will be easier to grasp.” Not at all.

  16. The other 4 Daemon factions get those units as well. They also get marked lords, marked heros and the cultists get a Warshrine mount.

  17. Monogods are getting the chaos units too? That’s interesting. That gives you a reason to play monogods but that kinda makes the new lords less interesting since they are just carbon copies of their monogod counterparts. Gonna be hard deciding if I want to play Khorne 1 or Khorne 2

  18. I watched the trailer multiple times looking for where she gets her ass bet like everyone was saying and I never saw it. People must be watching a different trailer or they have a very very loose definition of what it means to get your ass kicked.

  19. Making somewhat rational statements = haters LULW

  20. Engraving a streamers name into your wedding ring is extremely strange. A streamer who has no idea a who you are, has no idea you even exist, will never know or care about who you are. He’s an entertainer. It’s the equivalent to inscribing the name of the main character in your favorite cartoon. It’s kinda weird period.

  21. I think it’s just another thing people are going to forget about in 2 weeks time. Trump has already done so much shit that we know about and nothing has really happened to him at all.

  22. The sheer number of people missing the obvious Malenia reference when Elden Ring came out in the same month as TWW3 is surprising. Even if you didn't play it, Elden Ring was all people talked about for a good 2 months.

  23. lol honestly. It’s just contrarian redditors feigning ignorance, they know.

  24. He’s really not a genius. You can like his music and acknowledge the contributions he has made to the music industry but that does not make him a genius.

  25. It’s funny cause the people who think like this can’t even come close to being with a woman like that

  26. When you finally read the art of war and you really want someone to know you just read it

  27. Nobody knows when this game will “release”. It probably won’t be for years with the rate they are going at.

  28. You can do crafting, dungeons/mutations, and OPR (assuming your server has enough players).

  29. The trilogy was kinda goofy as fuck. The Harry Potter movies actually takes A serious and darker tone as you progress through them, but the Fantastic Beast films just felt goofy times and reminds me of a Disney film.

  30. I think the most disappointing thing about this update for me is the captains voyages. They aren’t even new voyages, it’s just a different way to buy the same ones you already have access too.

  31. I don’t understand the crying in this thread. The game has to make money somehow. I think giving you a free name per ship with a rename cost is perfectly logical. Consider naming your ship to be like naming your guild or group in other games (ie like WoW). It’s not likely you’ll need to want to change it very often.

  32. They already have plenty of ways to make money. They go pretty hard with the cosmetic store they have now. There is no other reason besides greed to charge 5 bucks to change the name of your ship, which most likely is an automated process that requires little to no human intervention.

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