1. It’s a quote about nazis. It’s about not speaking up about authoritarianism because “it doesn’t effect me”

  2. What if I write a bookmarklet? Those can only be up to 1 line and can be made as long as you want. I can just keep writing.

  3. fun I wonder if there easter egg for other actions!

  4. The number action also has an easter egg. The default value is 42.

  5. There probably is a legal way i just dont have the determination to find that way

  6. Where I live if the content being viewed is web hosted and not downloaded to your computer then it is legal. Even if you did not pay or watch ads or anything of that sort to get access to it.

  7. If you really want to do the same without risking legal issues then use the tor browser. Very private and secure.

  8. They stop me from shooting, but not from high stakes gambling? Ok, I don’t shoot anyway.

  9. So download a gun mod, rename the files, edit them a little to work with the new file names, and don’t make it public.

  10. The bug fixed itself so that is no longer possible unless I can recreate it.

  11. Can confirm. Lots of my buddies go to the hundred acre rally as hams

  12. For my curiosity, what makes apollo better than the reddit app? I have tried both and I prefer the reddit app.. What did I miss?

  13. I can see 3 different posts from communities I follow without even opening an app. It is all right there when I unlock my phone.

  14. I use Notepad on windows. It is the best IDE ever created. Even vscode cannot compete.

  15. It has better support than many other modern browsers for modern features that every browser should have. It is great for security. It is fast. It works out of the box. It has lots of optional settings. You have clearly made the correct decision to say that edge is great.

  16. We more humans than any humans per human living other humans

  17. ChatGPT couldn’t tell me the difference between src and href. Isn’t it supposed to know basic things?

  18. You should go on a survival server that has name tags turned off and troll players.

  19. Well I’m 15 and have seen |[]| on my calculator but don’t know what it is so I’m just gonna pray it doesn’t come up in gcse maths

  20. I saw this in first grade, but did not know what it meant. Have not seen it since, not even on a calculator.

  21. What are you talking about? I love the way shit tastes. /s

  22. The thousands of use cases. Also it is funny to mess with it and make it slip up. Tricking it into saying something it is supposed to block itself from saying is fun. Also I have been interested in AI before it was trending.

  23. I use cheeseburgers. The average cheeseburger is 11.43 centimeters (in diameter). There are 160934.4 centimeters in a kilometer. The local speed limit on the highway is 55 miles per hour which is 88.51 kilometers per hour. Which means the local speed limit on the highway is 14080 cheeseburgers per hour.

  24. How to raid a village and kill everyone living in it without my friends noticing

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