1. It isn’t about being an abuser at all. It’s about him making a mockery of the event and an ass of himself. It’s the fanciest event of the year for their line of work and he took away the spotlights of a lot of hardworking people who may never see the stage again. 95% of whom aren’t ever going to be as big of a name as he is.

  2. It’s a gathering of egomaniacs handing trophies to each other for playing pretend. It’s not exactly a celebration of humanitarian aid or medical innovation. Let them get loose and have a little excitement occasionally. It was entertaining and now Chris can tell the same tired jokes about it for the rest of his life. Everybody wins if you don’t have a stick jammed way up there.

  3. She replied to someone on the Nikki subreddit. She flipped out on the poster and acted like she was such a martyr and they were being so mean to her. The poster wasn’t being mean to her. Nikki can dish it but can’t take it.

  4. After that she also made a long rambling comment defending herself here. Apparently she was using her podcast to call out people being “mean” to her on reddit lol. I don’t follow her because I find her exhausting, but I had to see what her deal was after her appearance on Nicole Byer’s podcast where she was vomiting out bizarre, ultra conservative relationship advice.

  5. Exactly how many times have you been screamed at, assaulted, or followed by women who you’ve turned down?

  6. Wife guys are always wearing wacky patterns and silly colors, they think it makes them disarming

  7. My children are one, two, and four so no I don’t let them out of the house unsupervised. Crossing a busy street in a urban area I would be extra vigilant about my children crossing behind me.

  8. You’d let your kids trail behind you in a spooky, scary, urban area like this? Someone could come along and snatch your child up and run off! I can’t believe you’d be such an irresponsible parent.

  9. I use schmidt's and I don't even get bad B.O. anymore. I don't know why anyone would choose to use aluminum deodorants when there are many kinds of aluminum-free deodorants you can try. They're not all the same. You might find one that works for you.

  10. I spent a ridiculous amount of money trying different deodorants and all I ended up with was a more floral pit stank. The amount of aluminium in antiperspirants is harmless anyway so I don’t even know why I tried. I also have friends who swore they didn’t get bo with natural deodorants but they absolutely did.

  11. Hope there is a retrial as if there is he'll almost certainly be reconvicted.

  12. So he’s guilty because of his eyes and his vibe? Top shelf criminal analysis there

  13. Because the teenage girl who’s going through something really embarrassing and disgusting done to her by a man she’s supposed to trust would likely be more comfortable going to a woman. And I’m sure most women have experienced men ignoring, downplaying, or joining in when something horrible happens.

  14. I alllways chuckle when I see “high end” Mexican food restaurants. Like how fancy can you make refried beans!? Haha

  15. Yeah totally it’s like when you go to a nice American restaurant and they serve you hotdogs and poptarts.

  16. Depp is also a financial risk - showing up to set late or not at all, and unprepared. when DISNEY is sick of your shit and isn't gonna put up with one of their number one monkeymakers anymore, that's something.

  17. I think he’ll be relegated to cameos. He’ll still rake in the cash as long as he has a team who can sober him up just enough for a quick shoot.

  18. It’s a silly little parallelism, made by a woman (😱) in front of a group of people who seemed to enjoy it.

  19. You’re right. I’m just not mature enough for the kind of humour my great uncle shares on facebook posts. Maybe one day I’ll become sophisticated enough to get it. I also hope to someday learn what the deal with airline food is and why women be shopping.

  20. Seeing as this is a young lady and not your great uncle, maybe you can also find someone in your own age range that doesn’t feel like waiting till they’re old to find more things funny and ask them.

  21. I’d rather hang out with my great uncle tbh. He may have a shit sense of humour but he makes a great trifle. And I’d like a few more years of my life before I start finding Tim Allen sitcoms funny.

  22. The people throwing downvotes are probably too young to have seen the effects of aging. They aren't wrong that society shouldn't make us feel this pressure, but as long as it does I am going to botox the eff out of my 50+ face.

  23. A 50 year old getting Botox isn’t the same as a 20something actress totally remixing their face. She’s taken away her ability to properly emote with facial expressions (kinda important for acting), she’s actually aged herself now, and it’s going to look like a total train wreck within the next decade. We’ve all seen this happen over and over again. She’s just guaranteed herself a much shorter career because some nerds were mean about her online.

  24. They didn’t at the time. That’s why they had another version at the ready.

  25. They didn’t rework it until a year after that album was released. They only did it because the NBA wanted to use it as a promo song. It became popular and released as a single after that, but radio and clubs were still playing the original version a lot.

  26. It’s not coming back. “90s modeling era”, HA, try, the years anorexia was in style. Let’s not try and bring it back. Leave it wear it belongs. Dead and gone.

  27. That’s a nice sentiment but it’s absolutely not true where I am. I live close to a university and I’m surrounded by young people all the time. There’s probably more acceptable diversity in body shapes than there were in the past, but super skinny is back in fashion in a huge way. On social media you can either be impossibly curvy or stick thin, but always “flawless” and edited to hell. My teenage niece and her friends are now all worryingly thin, but they still edit their waists to be tiny. I always see groups of girls in super low rise jeans, crop tops, and mini dresses. To put it mildly, they’re not looking happy and healthy.

  28. “I live close to University” vs “I am in university and apart of the group you’re talking about”. Do speak for us. As history shows, speaking for a group is much more accurate than listening to someone in that group.

  29. You don’t have to be “inside” to have the ability to notice things. Honestly it’s probably better to judge from the outside so you’re not just taking the thoughts of someone stuck in their own little bubble. If you’re a student and you’re surrounded by peers with diverse bodies and everybody’s happy with their looks and nobody feels any pressure to look a certain way, that’s great. It’s not reality for most people though.

  30. Frugal paper plate washer here. I'm a single person with a 9 to 5 job. I go to the gym after work. Then I cook dinner, or sometimes I shop for groceries and then cook dinner. I use paper plates because after this long of a day, sometimes I just can't even... but (and here's the really nuanced part you folks are having trouble grasping) sometimes I can even... and I rinse the plate and plan on using it again.

  31. So what happens to the pans, utensils, bowls, etc when you “can’t even”? Is the one extra plate to wash with the rest of the stuff that much of a hardship?

  32. We do need to figure out why a group that makes up less than half the population is responsible for over 90% of all violent crime. Their violence spans all regions, races, economic backgrounds, religions. Shame on all of them.

  33. the Boy George one is horrific and no one ever fucking talks about it

  34. Whenever I see him all I can wonder about is what his plan was after chaining up and torturing that guy... just let him go? Surely not. It’s sickening to think about what could’ve happened.

  35. I never knew this. I guess it's a forgotten incident. What exactly took place?

  36. As far as I know she was on the 405 in a landrover and traffic was slowing down when the woman in the car in front of her hit a braking car. Brandy then hit hit her and the car slid into another lane where she was hit again. Brandy wasn’t speeding there were no reports of drugs or alcohol in her system. The woman who died had her two kids in the car. I think it was just a tragic accident. Brandy settled, as I think anybody with the money to do so would. She got a lot of blame in the press and public, all unfounded as far as I can tell.

  37. Sorry, I'm confused. There isn't a Birkin store that you can just buy a bag at? A rep actually needs to be the one who contacts YOU?!

  38. Artificial scarcity. The value is in the exclusivity. In reality they’re just $10,000+ beanie babies. Soon enough they’ll fade in popularity and you’ll be able to buy them on sale, leaving those who got suckered into buying these “investments” with a closet full of used handbags that are only worth their quality and aesthetic value.

  39. I’m sorry but they’re a solid investment. Definitely not going to fade in popularity . No one is being “suckered” into buying these bags. If you have the means/chance/ interest in buying one, do it!!!

  40. No thanks. I don’t buy clothing and accessories to sit in my closet solely so I can hopefully sell them for a profit someday. Now I have plenty of stuff that I buy than I can and do sell for profit, but I buy those pieces because they’re unique and interesting and I enjoy wearing them. And I agree with the actress it was created for- it’s a shit bag. When the bottom drops out on birkins when reality tv stars decide they’re no longer desirable, good luck. You’ll be hanging on to a deteriorating object for several decades to come.

  41. There was 1 death, 10-15 knife incidents and 200 arrests in 2 days in broad daylight in our capital city. And any negative comments or concerns about this “stem from other things”?

  42. How many knife incidents, arrests, and deaths are there on a normal weekend spread among 3 million people? My guess is quite a bit higher than carnival numbers.

  43. Definitely a good way to do this, but policing your daughters clothes as a dad is bs imo. Especially since the mom was likely there with her to buy the shorts. I’ve only ever seen it done to girls that didn’t need it (like this girl imo) and it usually ends up with the girl having image issues later on.

  44. Apparently one child having their legs exposed is sinful, but the other one can run around topless without issue. And they’re happy to post both of those children on the internet for attention, but god forbid one of them wears shorts outside with her friends. It’s sad this weirdo is getting so much praise for this.

  45. I’d be very happy if this were his last ever role. It’s appropriately pathetic and cringeworthy enough to represent his life.

  46. He might be a star in the UK. Unrecognizable from Potter, no one in NA knows who he is from his BBC 5 soaps.

  47. I saw one and a half Harry Potter movies back when they first came out and I still recognize him.

  48. I don't care about your life nor I asked, I just stated facts. You can't just give a baby a vegan diet without medical supervision, in the best-case scenario you will affect it's development permanently, ask any pediatric.

  49. How do you know that kid doesn’t have medical supervision? How do you know that kid doesn’t just have severe allergy? Why do you think that this very fake caption is even real lmao? Because you’re just looking for something to get mad at while you eat your cheeseburger and chug your coke, right?

  50. I'm working with the information we're given, not making assumptions like you are.

  51. Nah I’m just using the tiniest bit of my brain instead of looking for things to rage over

  52. I'd probably take a few bits, but regret it later when my brain starts to tingle from the MSG.

  53. It’s not the 1980s, you don’t have to be scared of a harmless flavouring anymore.

  54. I'm surprised her bottle of hot sauce wasn't sitting on the table

  55. Do you geniuses truly think it’s impossible for someone to enjoy spicy food and one of the world’s most popular hobbies?

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