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  1. I mean for some reptiles and it's not even what actually happens, but...

  2. Oh I know that but I mean for us. With the way we evolved it would be impossible for us to make the jump from reproducing asexually to reproducing sexually because that would cause that trait to drop in usefulness for a while while it works it’s self out and evolution can’t go down like that so in our case it is impossible. It’s like how an octopus eye is built better than ours but we can never get to a point where we have eyes like that because our eye’s usefulness would drop in the process of changing it

  3. Ok this kinda has to do with this, NSFW warning btw, but like I’m a trans man on T and if you didn’t now, T makes your clitoris grow A LOT. normally, that’s not an issue, but I’m in marching band and we have to wear loose clothes when we practice and we have to do plies in our show and my bottom growth will rub against my clothes and OH MY GOD I HATE THAT FEELING. IT MAKES ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE. and because of T it’s way more sensitive than before and like seriously, that causes 0 pleasure. I just feel very uncomfy. Clothes rubbing against your genitals like that doesn’t feel good.

  4. And that's how you know the argument doesn't come from a place of genuine concern but transphobia.

  5. Exactly. And one of the FtM bottom surgery procedures, Phalloplasty, was literally made for cis men who lost their penis. Plenty of men in the military have had to get that procedure and even men who have been in car accidents and such have had to get it. It was made for cis men yet the moment a trans man gets it it’s a problem

  6. Ya know how I know cis het men make the rules? No one gives a crap that you can get breast implants underage. That's apparently not a problem.

  7. “No titty? Boooooo bad you no do that. More titty? Yes please do that” -the government

  8. The US really be like “oh, you wanna be yourself and get a procedure that could potentially stop you from ending your life? To bad. Oh but here you get this living being that you didn’t want that you’ll have to be responsible for for at least 18 years and will effect your entire life from this point on. Have fun!”

  9. I’m a man and when I gain attraction to someone I act like a child but not in like the “I’m an idiot and need taken care of” way, more of the “I enjoy being with you and I feel like I can enjoy myself around you and not put up a wall”

  10. I don’t like how the original audio is still in the video so you can hear the noises from her mouth moving. It bothers me so much. I hate that noise

  11. i… really don’t think it is real. op went out of his way to specify that the person was a lesbian, and i kept waiting for that to become remotely relevant, but it never did. so i went into his profile to see if he did it last time too (he did), and lo and behold, before either of these posts were made, we’ve got “aita for telling my friend that lesbians make me uncomfortable.” that, in addition to the total over the top bizarreness of this whole story (she instantly called you a slur? and was secretly recording you?), makes me think op is just having fun writing about a crazy lesbian and getting people to hatejerk in the comments.

  12. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. It sounded way to over the top and makes no sense. It just sounds like some kid trying to make up some story to make themselves look cool or get sympathy from other people.

  13. seriously. if you're gonna go to the trouble, at least make it believable. that ending was some "and the whole bus clapped" shit.

  14. People who think like this don’t seem to realize that there’s almost 8 billion people on earth. Having a child isn’t that important. It would be more beneficial if our population would start to plateau or even start dropping a bit than if it continued to rise. Our technology has advanced far enough that people can live into their 80’s and 90’s. Sometimes 100’s. People aren’t dying young anymore so there’s no need for everyone to have a kid in hopes some will survive. Please for the love of god stop having kids and stop telling people that everyone needs to have a kid. They don’t.

  15. Yea I thought heterochromia was different coloured eyes... not both eyes the same split colours... that’s weird! And I’ve never seen this before!

  16. Yeah. It’s called Heterochromia Iridum or sectoral hererochromia. I swear it looks so much cooler in animals than people for some reason.

  17. This is literally the reason why you need to talk to your partner about if you do or don’t want kids especially for a couple who can reproduce. Talk to your partner about how you feel about having a kid and make sure you’re both on the same page before anything happens. It’s that simple

  18. Its the equivalent of posting a food selfie but the food is like, unseasoned and overcooked chicken or something.

  19. It’s always the contradiction with conversations around men: they are strong yet are too weak for things like this. They are smarter yet they “don’t know any better” when it comes to sexual assault/behavior. They are less emotional yet more prone to outbursts.

  20. Also they’re strong and pain tolerant yet men are more likely to pass out when getting a vaccine or a blood test than women and are more likely to cry or express pain when getting a tattoo

  21. Ah yes, the land of my adoptive family made pussy chips. Yeah that’s something I never thought I’d hear

  22. This is also why I think people should need to get a license or some kind of test to have a child. Imagine how few kids would be abused if you needed to prove you were mentally stable and eligible enough to have custody a child

  23. As a person with two parents with mental illness, I'm glad you think that my family should be illegal. What you're describing is called "State Enforced Eugenics". Anyone else you wanna keep from breeding, you fucking Nazi?

  24. I didn’t mean to put it that way. I myself have been diagnosed with plenty of mental illnesses I just couldn’t think of another word to say. I mean more of like able and willing to take care of another person.

  25. She sounds awful! The Christian obsession with creating new children is ridiculous. I also think it is super fucking weird when dad's are obsessed with male offspring. My adopted daughter is amazing and so practical and chill. I thank my lucky stars! Good idea to kick this lady to the curb, I think you are better off without her BS.

  26. I’m a trans man and I’m a teenager and my grandma was obsessed with me having her great grandkids. Ever since I was a little kid she’d always tell me I had to have kids. One of the arguments against me transitioning was that I’d be “destroying my uterus” and “not doing gods work by populating the earth.” I literally have a potentially life threatening hereditary disease (that is the dominant gene by the way so there’s a very high chance of passing it on) and yet she was still like “oh you should have kids” NO. I have so many reasons to NOT have kids and it took me finally taking testosterone and dating a girl for her to finally shut up about me having kids.

  27. Not me crying when I found out blue from blues clues was a girl and not me crying when the yellow guy from the wiggles was replaced with a girl-

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