1. Don't forget to claim the federal EVSE tax credit. 30% back on your installation costs, up to $1,000 back. Includes cost of: charger, labor, permits, materials, inspection, and local taxes.

  2. I generally lose 20% - 25% range in winter. OP's numbers aren't shocking and don't indicate a problem.

  3. It showed up as a Freedom Flex offer for me. Does anyone know if the offer would still work if I paid with the card via PayPal during checkout? PayPal purchases is the current quarterly category for the CFF and it'd be a nice bonus if I could stack to get 25% off 😅

  4. Which would be fine if was on any singular transaction about 250k. That's an excise.

  5. That’s definitely an argument that the Supreme Court will consider. Ultimately neither my opinion nor yours carries any weight in determining what’s legal.

  6. My point is that it’s not “clearly unconstitutional” as you stated.

  7. It’s very common for folks to pay tuition from multiple different sources. The college can almost certainly split this into multiple transactions.

  8. My current company match pays out from day one but matching funds don't vest until three full years of service.

  9. You should roll your 457 into a Traditional IRA or leave it be. Why take the unnecessary tax hit?

  10. n0fx says:

    So with the MSRP swap, they allowed you to apply some of the discounts on the new car? According to the GM concierge they said that I couldn't even use the discounts at all and had to pay full price on the car.

  11. News: the most basic supply v demand principles of economics apply to housing, in addition to every other scarce resource we buy.

  12. They didn't do a hard inquiry on your credit file when you called them to request that increase? I did call the same day I was approved and was told that, I told them no thanks

  13. Cash+ is a good credit card, but US Bank is notoriously stingy with credit limits. Call them in six months and you can request a credit limit increase with a hard pull.

  14. Your company’s logic makes no sense. Never seen anyone do it this way. PTO taken last week of December is generally paid at December rate of pay, but appears on a January paycheck.

  15. Citi rejected me for DC at 1/6 with an 850 credit score. I waited until I was 0/6 to reapply and got instant approval.

  16. Ummm, how is this analysis narrow? Did you read the research designs and methodology of the paper?

  17. I’ve held at least a dozen different jobs since graduating college. Not once has a person asked about my GPA.

  18. Yes, you can. (I've sold one; it didn't work in my (very rural, poor signal strength) area. New owner was able to set it up without a problem- I think it either took the serial number off the collar or a call to the company, but it wasn't any kind of issue.

  19. I’ve never seen a dog or other animal at Costco. Is this an issue in some part of the country?

  20. Yes this is an issue. I saw someone with a 6 week old puppy in Costco yesterday. There's no way a barely-weaned puppy is a service animal.

  21. Take a moment to learn more about the NLRA and its broad impact on what you can and cannot regulate when it comes to Social Media posts.

  22. Yup. Broadly speaking, employees covered by the NLRA have the right to publicly (and crudely) discuss/complain about hours, wages, and working conditions affecting the workforce. No, it doesn’t matter if they’re wrong.

  23. I have a HELOC and it works like that. If I don't borrow anything, then there's nothing to pay. I would check with the bank though to be safe.

  24. This is my experience. It can be a convenient emergency fund. On the downside, the full value of the available line of credit may show up as a debt on your credit report. This could hurt your ability to borrow in the future, or cause you to borrow at a higher rate.

  25. Sherwin Williams makes great paint, but their logo is such a turn-off. Definitely time for a re-brand.

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