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  1. ¿Pero esto qué es? JAJAJAJAJA Me meo toa.

  2. This is me in that meme and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

  3. Some species of ficus rely on birds eating the figs and pooping the seeds. Said poop end up stuck into a wall and the ficus can grow there as chasmophyte or into a tree trunk/branch growing as epiphyte.

  4. An old guy or maybe a furry girl, you choose

  5. Can I turn into a furry girl if I choose to?

  6. My favourite part of EoE is when DK enters Asukas room and says:

  7. Why don't you have more upvotes? HAHAHAHAHA

  8. I liked the video. The paradox of pesticides reminded me of cat colonies: people say cats eat pests but they destroy pests' predators also, so having cat colonies can lead to more pests.

  9. Park? I got mine at home, they appeared at night in the balcony LoL

  10. It's funny because both the people in the last panel look like guys.

  11. The leg meat is also good. Just stay the hell out of the body cavity because it stinks horribly.

  12. Now in Spain you can't drive if you are diagnosed with anxiety, depression and many other disorders, so... I think there is a lot of people that is driving and shouldn't.


  14. why not just do an occasional aeration of the mix like any other plant needz

  15. I'm so lazy I have earthworms doing that work for me.

  16. Yeah, until it doesn't work, you don't know why...

  17. I wish this ends well. Keeps us updated, please.

  18. This is more fake than every "I love you" my father said to his children.

  19. attract more birds. easy ways to do this is have a birdbath, a feeder, or trees

  20. And wasps. In my previous city just a water source attracted wasps that kept my tomato plants free of plagues.

  21. You should see how fast water disappear from my indoor pond. Open top + summer heat + big pothos/peace lilies/tradescantia/etc...


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