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  1. If I was a contestant on the show and got no negative comments but no 10s I’d ask Scotty for an on air explanation from the Judges. Please explain! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. and production would just edit it out. that's what they do. producers can pick whatever they want to put in, not put in, manipulate, or exclude.

  3. this took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that's kylie

  4. i legit had to look through all pics of tonight to confirm its kylie i couldnt believe it

  5. remember that weird ass pic of her and pete in london and her jaw was ultra sharp? i think whatever she got done was swollen then, and its “calmed down” to what it is now

  6. 1st: OO or ST 2nd: whoever is not first above 3rd: replacement couple 4th: chippy couple 5th: ankur and sharon

  7. someone said that people should never date someone with bipolar and was basically just shitting on every single person suffering from bipolar. i called them out and even reported the comments cause wtf thats not ok, and i got mass downvoted. for saying people should not make sweeping statements like “never date anyone with bipolar they are fucking crazy and cant be helped”. so i was completely done.

  8. i got it from a post on LSA but most blinds come from a site called crazy days and nights.

  9. Did you get all that information from lipstick alley? I read this same information two days ago there.

  10. Do you think Kanye is constantly creating art and being creative and that makes him difficult to live with? I think his drive to create makes him hard to get along with. Kim is more controlled and not very creative in my opinion. Do you believe that artsy people as a whole have mental issues?

  11. I could write an entire thesis on Kanye's life and why he is the way he is, but I will give an extremely brief rundown.

  12. I think Kanye has made some questionable choices and yes he has mental health issues, and yes he's incredibly talented and creative. I don't think we can use that to excuse some of the choices he's made and it's worrying for their daughters as a lot of these bad choices were directed to women. What's worse is Kim has gone along with it, I really hope he finds someone he can spend his life with who is a calming influence and wants to live on his ranch with him and he can be in his own little creative bubble.

  13. I think Kim makes as equally, or even worse choices regarding the kids and their development.

  14. cant wait for her to barge into her kids lives bringing the next man she has dated for 4 months!

  15. the coty/seed beauty lawsuit that resulted in kylie having to temporarily shut down kylie cosmetics while they re-formulated everything. the same happened with kkw beauty also.

  16. out of them all im most supposed kylie offloaded her dogs, she seemed to fucking love her four dogs until Stormi came along and she decided being a mom, and a dog mom, was too hard. i remember people asked her about the dogs back when she had snapchat and she said the dogs lived in a different house lmao, but its obvious she gave them to someone she knows and maybe visited them.

  17. Am I trippin or isn’t that included in the deep dive? That she was essentially a mega stan and a scammer

  18. oh i didnt know the author added that. i remember initially she was dragged for not adding that, she must have changed it! good!

  19. i read it the day it was released. the LSA thread referencing it even backs up the author not having the fake groupie part

  20. WhoA. Where can I get a deep dive and the original browbuster threads with receipts intact in an accessible manner?

  21. it was all scrubbed from LSA by the kardashians. all that remains are small glimpses.

  22. Some paparazzi are paid to camp out at trendy celebrity spots, like Nobu, and take pics of any celebs. Some people get tipped off by random nobodies that x and y celebs are at z place/restaurant, and so the paparazzi go out there to scope it out. Paparazzi can be freelance (they sell their pics to the highest bidders) or hired as dedicated paparazzi by certain blogs or magazines or whatever.

  23. um, yes. you meet a guy and get pregnant within a month, that seems like trapping in some way.

  24. Maybe the reason she isnt showing “Wolf” is because if she did, it would highlight just how much Stormi is not Travis’, being that I firmly believe “Wolf” is.

  25. My sister and I most definitely have the same parents but we don’t even look like we’re from the same ethnic group. Genetics are FOOKING wild .

  26. Oh I absolutely agree. I just think the paternity of Stormi is interesting, and with such a tight timeline that only Kylie knows of for sure, we can't know for sure who is the father of Stormi.

  27. my thoughts exactly. it was so frustrating reading the comments saying it’s “invading their privacy” or “unsafe” to track their flights 😭 those comments felt like some weird attempt to victimize them

  28. if they wanted privacy they would get some random first class flight each time. you would never actually know what flight they are on. when they fly on their private jets named after them fucking selves they are kind of asking for it to be super public.

  29. Oh wow so this is for all prestige or just the new ones?

  30. I just checked, as I didn't know they went back on the planned changes. I was getting old prestige skins like Aatrox, etc. Hope that helps!

  31. i can see it now, this is part of redefining Travis’s image as a wholesome, family man, not some rager who encourages his concert goers to get violent or reckless. they’ll have some interview come out and Travis will talk about how the Astroworld tragedy mentally affected him so much, but that Kylie and Stormi and baby unnamed cough Astro cough saved him, and realised he needed to change his ways etc etc. Boring yawn

  32. I believe, if Khloe’s baby comes within the next month (end of August) then the surrogate became pregnant around November. Maralee’s baby was born on December 1st. That means a number of things:

  33. She definitely knew before about baby Theo. That is why she was crying outside True's dance class. Maralee had beaten her surrogate to get pregnant.

  34. Yeah thats a good point! I wouldn’t put it past her to still have the surrogacy despite the proof of Theo.

  35. im willing to bet another part of this tiktok series talks about Caitlyn’s carcrash where she literally killed someone and got off completely. nobody ever talks about that because again, like the astroworld tragedy, the family cannot be associated with any deaths or tragedies.

  36. hmmm interesting this may be the first time ive ever seen her admit to using any part of fake hair? i remember years ago she was so adamant that she never used wigs etc.

  37. khloe never got her ass reduced. these paid paps just didnt reduce their thighs and ass enough like the other ones did

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