What’s the most underrated sex act?

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  1. Anyone else super pissed that the midwives didn’t say anything about kylen having to make the choices herself? They just let Jason answer for her and took his answers

  2. Lol I def knew from the beginning and it is what makes the show so good and funny

  3. Aren’t Martha’s supposed to be infertile?

  4. Yea but like with every infertile woman or man, sometimes it still just happens

  5. From my opinion being a Martha is probably the best deal you can have. Of course you cook you clean it’s a hard job but : no rape, you stay in the same household (hopefully with a « relatively » pleasant couple) and you get to stay and care and bond with the children to come. It’s fucked up but that’s the best you can hope for in that world I guess.

  6. A wife is the best deal, I think. The wives that were already married to the guys

  7. If you think it’s called a skreptum, then you don’t get to tell the doctors and nurses they can’t check your laboring girlfriends “skreptum”.

  8. What did he mean? I can’t even begin to guess what that’s supposed to mean? Lol I assumed septum but that doesn’t make sense

  9. I don’t think it’s routine in every delivery. My guess is they saw she never had prenatal care and rapid tested her for group B strep or did antibiotics just to be safe. They’ll also do it if your water has been broken for almost a day but I don’t remember her water ever breaking during her labor… Though it would be hard to notice in a tub while refusing exams. Probably just because the doctors had no clue about her history so ran them to be safe.

  10. They’ll also do it if she tested positive for herpes. There are a few reasons it may have been done

  11. I’m asking a serious question but why can’t Kaylen parents legally make her come back? If this was my daughter she wouldn’t be living with that psycho & controlling her like that

  12. They can. They are weirdly submissive and idk how they’ve even survived this long. And they raised an oddly submissive kid too. That will raise her son the same way prob . It’s sad. And shocking. They’re scared of her and him . It’s weird

  13. It seems like they all have very low self esteem.

  14. They prob do. But idc what kinda problems they have. As a parent it is your job to protect your child

  15. I'm calling bs on this. He provided financially for you guys when you lived together. I dont see that stopping. He loves his son.

  16. It definitely happens all the time where a guy pays for everything but once the woman isn’t with him anymore and living together, the support stops. Completely stops.

  17. The support for the partner yes. But not the support for the child.

  18. That’s not how it works in the real world. People change their mind about paying and about parenting, all the time once they’re not around as much. And some people are hurt by relationships ending and won’t pay anymore. Also when you live separately, that costs a lot more to pay your bills and then on top of it, money for the child while at another place. It adds up

  19. Induction takes a long time. A couple days usually. And right now they allow one or two support people and you’re committed to those people and can’t switch them out. Her baby is really young and it makes perfect sense she can’t leave the baby yet. Especially if she’s breast feeding

  20. She mentioned she’s breastfeeding and her child is still a newborn. I feel like most people in this thread haven’t been in that position if they can’t understand not wanting to dip out for the entire day/probably closer to day and a half with the dad. It’s more than just milk for a baby, so pumped bottle isn’t really feasible for that long of a stretch. And she is supporting her through facetime.

  21. I agree. I wouldn’t be able to go in her situation either. It wouldn’t even be an option with a little baby that you always stay home with . And Emerson is just fine with her grandmother and the baby’s dad.

  22. Yes kylen and Jason. I have a feeling they won’t be there tho

  23. Yes!! I can’t stand her parents!!! Idc how much you hate confrontation!! You’re supposed to be her protectors!! I am 30 and my mom would be at my door if she didn’t hear from me for too long! And even at any age over 18, my mom would have told me to get out of the situation and would be relentless about it

  24. Exactly!!! I can’t stand when people want someone removed from shows like this... like why?? Seeing different types of realistic situations is what the show is about... like I hate that teen mom fired people like Farrah for being in the adult industry... do people not realize how many single moms are in the adult industry? And why do they care? With kylen and Jason, plenty of teen parents are in abusive relationships and that’s life and it’s real. It happens . If anything, the show could help her have independence snd show people if they’re in a bad similar situation

  25. I 100% believe tiarra saw Taylor’s plan and inspo and copied it. And she def has no idea what boho is lol but I’ve encountered girls like what Taylor’s mom is describing... the stealing boys, and being sneaky and jealous and whatever and those kinda people are awful. I can see why it would upset them when it’s another thing. Tiarra literally copied her registry piece by piece and we know Taylor can’t afford to do the nursery how she wants, and tiarra can. These are teen girls and they’re hormonal right now. Cut Taylor some slack.

  26. She’s right. It’s weird people would be attacking her .. people of all ages, almost always older people, have the mother stay home and the father works

  27. Good food, a massage, a cigarette after a flight, a lot of things

  28. They are supposed to be the people who keep her safe! F these people

  29. Electricity was a good dance and would have won if Abby listened to the moms issues on the costumes

  30. I actually think it all was great . It was just where they competed that caused them not to win

  31. I’ve never even considered this. I call my in laws by their first names and my kids call plenty of adults in our lives by their first names. No one seems to mind.

  32. It’s not normal. It is unusual and people will always notice it when it’s done. Jason is doing it to be disrespectful. Tyra is just taking “aunt “ off because she’s an adult now and it’s shorter

  33. my aunt legit had a plastic butterknife specifically made for cutting turds up so they flush because she lived in a trailer and the toilet had pretty weak water pressure and was an 80's toilet. so its insane when somebody first told me about the reddit shit scissors and apparently other people had poop knives too. lmmfao

  34. On the balls . How long is your thing? Damn lol. I’m a woman but I’ve seen my guy in the bathroom plenty and it looks like his balls prop it up. Cause it’s soft when doing that. I guess you could duct tale it to your leg. Or get it pierced and tie it to the sink lol

  35. Tickles. Like light finger tickles. Especially on and around sexual areas like breasts, neck, vagina, butt. Dry humping is also under rated

  36. 26?? Omggg this is so scary! My dad has memory problems from drinking alcohol . He’s in his 50s. My grandma , his mom, has bad Alzheimer’s that came on quickly and my grandpa mentioned genetics to me which is worrisome. I never thought my dad could have Alzheimer’s as the cause of his memory .

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