Laid off today. In shock. How to proceed?

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  1. So sorry this happened to you. I don't see anyone else recommending this but you should probably get tested for STDs just to be safe.

  2. My family got it for the first time. All tested positive today. It sucks.

  3. Speaking as someone who hires people, "Open to Work" isn't a total deal breaker, but it's a bit of a red flag. It makes me worry someone really needs a job and they're going to say whatever they can to get the job, and might leave pretty soon after I hire them.

  4. Unfortunately, you're probably missing out on a lot of great candidates.

  5. Thank you. I agree but I know some folks have said they don't consider folks who have it turned on, which seems pretty counterintuitive. I'll just need to tell my family first and then take the plunge.

  6. It may have been a stigma in the past but I've found it not to be the case this time around (I was laid off at the end of August). If it's normal for your industry, be proactive on LinkedIn. Message hiring managers. Be honest and open about your situation (that you were laid off). Telling them up front that I was laid off over LinkedIn after submitting an application usually opened the door for an interview (not always but often).

  7. Your parents have developed OCD like symptoms because of Covid. As someone with OCD, I can say that therapy and medication can really help. Get other family involved and/or have a conversation with them about OCD.

  8. How does Alaska vote for a Democrat to represent them in the House and a Republican to represent them in the Senate? It's a statewide Representative. It doesn't make sense.

  9. Why aren't more vote counts coming in? I feel like they've been stalled all day.

  10. I get these wild random 2d images flashing all over the place every once in a while when I'm building with create blocks. I'm assuming it's one of my other mods interfering with create.

  11. I'm sure you are overwhelmed by advice but like sales, this is a numbers game. Send out as many applications as quickly as you can. Then prospect - contact decision makers, ask for meetings, tell a compelling narrative during your interviews, always setup next steps.

  12. They say that 100k is the average deal size with some going as high as 500k. That's actually really interesting. I didn't think about VC backing in light of a recession.

  13. I've never been afraid of being cut in two by glass until today.

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