1. So focussed on can we, nobody thinking about should we.

  2. is it supposed to be an orchid? its kinda scary it looks like that monster from stranger things

  3. That's Audrey II from little shop of horrors

  4. Walmart's have courses to inform and assist employees on how to apply for public funded assistance -->

  5. Getting a security camera made me realize what people do...they look side to side and if no ones there they kick snow over the poop.

  6. Ever stop and watch someone and catch them doing a fakie pickup? I've seen it a few times and get a great laugh over people realizing someone is watching and not just passing by. They try to buy time looking innocent then when they realize they pick it up.

  7. I agree completely. Gotta keep em separated.

  8. Under 18 won't be doing any tii--ee-iiimmme HEY!

  9. Oh shit. Nice I wasn't trying to do any world building just my honest assessment of the critical nature of how the next 15 years pan out for the next 500.

  10. We'd better curb the hoarding before science figures out how to extend human life. Already unfair but if these billionaires start being able to live 300 years and only they can afford it, it won't be pretty

  11. Could just crank up the furnace and vape it all….

  12. this is so bad, power slap is going to be so dangerous for the people in it, its instant brain damage, its like simulating a car crash but just on your head.

  13. Seeing them do promo videos like they are skilled athletes with something special to bring to slap fighting, it's hard to understand it isn't satire.

  14. Me too. Literally nothing except that line.

  15. What's the difference between a nun and a lady in the bathtub? One has a soul full of hope

  16. After having lived in both I noticed a difference between ppl in Victoria and ppl in Toronto. In Toronto, everyone walks right past the raving junkie and pretends they don't notice, in Victoria everyone makes way. I used to be walking in Vic and could tell that a junkie was coming by the little bubble of space they would create on the sidewalk with their heroin powers. Side note, junkies in Victoria can sure ruin a walk along the ocean, nothing like seeing a fresh needle open in the sand or coming around a corner into a cove with someone tying off. Lots of heroin there, and warm nights to sleep outside year round.

  17. I have to apply for it. And then prove why I deserve to die. No one is forcing this upon anyone.

  18. The economy, which is why it is because of greedy corporations and paid off politicians who care more about their bank account then making society sustainable, will drive depression due to poverty, leading to plenty of "applications". Applications that will be accepted, because it's cheaper than fixing society and we can replace your tax dollars with someone else who doesn't mind never owning a house despite working like a dog. Your "choice", so liberating.

  19. Really worth not taking 5m and a few turns to get back on after missing a turn.

  20. No, Torrent is goat, but been able to customize Torrent would be nice.

  21. Let me hang a trophy head on torrrmtsvsadfle like you can in Witcher

  22. The yogurt also contains potassium benzoate

  23. Some would say that the Earth is our moon. But that would belittle the name of our moon... which is the Moon.

  24. The deal will be Paul gets a w in boxing and Diaz wins the MMA match. Both save face and earn reputation for more celeb fake matches down the line.

  25. This. Everything is set in stone like a year in advance, the Super Bowl is not moving.

  26. Superbowl was moved after 9/11- Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks earlier in the season, the NFL postponed a week of regular-season games and moved the league's playoff schedule back. As a result, Super Bowl XXXVI was rescheduled from the original date of January 27 to February 3, becoming the first Super Bowl played in February.

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