1. We do our part from where we are. You can still help and pitch in in the homeland. Family friend doctor is a top in his field, goes back to Pakistan and teaches for free all the advanced stuff he’s doing here.

  2. Personally bro, I stopped supporting anything “Pakistani” the moment IK was kicked.

  3. That’s totally up to you, but I don’t necessarily care who is governing as my goal is to help the people

  4. From Tarikh-i-Pakhtunkhwa (@Pahsz7) on Twitter

  5. From Tarikh-i-Pakhtunkhwa (@Pahsz7) on Twitter

  6. This photo was used as an illustration in the book "Frontier folk of the Afghan border" by Lilian Agnes Starr (published in 1920).

  7. Credit to: Tarikh-i-Pakhtunkhwa Pashz7 (on Twitter)

  8. First and foremost credit to: Tarikh-i-Pakhtunkhwa Pashz7 (on Twitter)

  9. First and foremost credit to: Tarikh-i-Pakhtunkhwa @Pashz7 (on Twitter)

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