1. It's a completely optional boss, the Door opposite of its fight cam be opened without having to defeat it beforehand

  2. Depends on what weapons you usually like to use

  3. Tbh I’m not too picky just want to have anything that’s a lot of fun and not too slow. Maybe a spear?

  4. The light attack only, dark sword has a different heavy attack and weapon art than the lkss

  5. Oh if you want an actual tough boss fight wait till you reach the end of the area

  6. You need all the + versions of the rings too, some go up to +2 and +3 even. Luckily for you most +3 are dlc rings that don't count towards the achievement. You will need to be at least on ng+2 to get all of them

  7. Equipment that boosts Item Discovery: Crystal Sage Rapier, Symbol of Avarice (Mimic Helmet), and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring.

  8. Personally I don't want ds4. I like how ds3 ended with SoC and Gael. I wouldn't want it another way

  9. I used to be like you when I fought Midir, dreaded his fight, until I learned all of his moveset and then he became extremely easy

  10. It's the best way to play how you want.

  11. I believe the talisman you find before saving Irina from her cell gets an S scaling in faith fully upgraded, so you might wanna give it a look

  12. While I love both, if I HAD to choose the best of the 2, I would go for the Ringed City. Bigger, with more bosses, including some of the most memorable ones

  13. In the abyss, there was probably something that naturally produced black flame, and wolhnir probably experimented on it and transfered his knowledge into a pyromancy tome once he mastered its use

  14. Heavier sets mean more defense and more poise Also more options for Fashion. If you dont care for any of those, stick to leveling up other stats. With more vitality you can also carry more weapons on you and still be able to fast roll

  15. If you mean a meme build, there is John darksoul

  16. I just checked but im on ps4 and cant post to reddit on it

  17. All platforms have a way to take screenshots that are navitr to each one. Then download those images on your phone and post them that way. Many here are from consoles and have the quality desired to post here

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