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  1. Følger der ikke et hæfte med spillet, som forklarer reglerne?

  2. Jeg købte et på tilbud i Bilka til 79,95 for et par dage siden. Der fulgte der ikke et regelhæfte med.

  3. Ja, men den tekniske læsning er også meget snæver.

  4. Rasmus Jensen er født i Danmark. Det er hans forældre også. Og hans bedsteforældre og oldeforældre. Han har også dansk statsborgerskab. Rasmus' forældre har kun talt engelsk derhjemme, for det syntes de var cool, så Rasmus taler ikke dansk og vil ikke lære sproget. Er Rasmus ikke dansker?

  5. Lige præcis. Vi behøver ikke kriterier som "kan du li Olsen Banden?" eller “Ser du landskampe?”

  6. No need for supplies and logistics if your technology is 20th century, ever thought of that?

  7. Just like Hitler's invasion of Sudentenland wasn't "the west's" war? When a country tries to annex another country by the use of military force, it should be the whole world's war. If we don't stop this shit in its tracks, authoritarian regimes around the world will take note and "reclaim" their "ancestral lands", leading to constantly escalating conflicts around the world.

  8. Not that anyone gives a rat's ass about my opinion, but you guys have more than earned your 'ticket' into NATO, the EU, or any organization you choose to join. There can be no question at this point.

  9. When this war is over, Ukraine won't ask to join NATO, NATO will ask to join Ukraine.

  10. Oh Fu*k. Does this mean they ARE planning on using nukes? So much double speak, who knows?

  11. This is what I've been pondering ever since it came clear that their missiles largely don't work. I suspect that the only nuclear "bomb" that they can blow up is the ZPP and that's one of the main reasons they've decided to sit on it.

  12. To my understanding from having read bits from various sources is that after the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia's knowledge of nuclear weapons manufacturing took a gigantic hit since so many of their nuclear weapons scientists were Poles, Ukrainians and others from the now independent former Soviet Union / Warsaw Bloc states.

  13. It physically disgusts me to think that Putin would be in Ukraine. His prison cell needs to be somewhere in the north of Norway or Finland or something like that.

  14. Greenland, has the perfect location for Putin's prison cell: In the middle of the Northeast Greenlandic ice sheet. Almost 1 million square kilometers of nothing but ice, snow, and temperatures that make Moscow feel like Honolulu.

  15. hey, hey, no. What did the ppls of Greenland do to deserve this?

  16. Nothing, of course. But if we want to put Putin on storage somewhere miserable, with the least chance of other people getting close to him, Northeastern Greenland is the place to do it, except for Antarctica. Almost 1 million sq km, and at most a couple of thousand inhabitants. It's hard to find a more secluded place than that.

  17. Christiania og hele forløbet op til seres underlige pseudo-ejerskab over bydelen er en skamplet på det danske demokrati.

  18. Tror chancen er ret lav med normale gennemsnitskvinder, fordi de trods alt har en grænse for hvem de lukker ind imellem deres ben, hvorimod en prostituerede lukker alle ind så længe de har penge.

  19. Men derfor behøver du da stadig ikke fortælle dem det. Hvis de spørger ind til dit sexliv, så sig at det ikke kommer dem ved. Deres job er at teste for sygdomme og behandle, ikke moralisere.

  20. Yeah, but there is a really important fact here. The martial law is valid for 90 days. In an authoritarian regime, the martial law would probably be valid indefinitely, and the regime keeping on making up excuses and imaginary enemies to argue why it is not being cancelled.

  21. Based on the information you have provided so far, I would say you have exactly 0% chance of getting a work permit in Denmark. You need to have a job offer that pays 37.333 DKK a month, and I seriously doubt that is going to happen.

  22. How is this related to Ukraine? This is not an anti Russia sub, it's a pro Ukraine sub.

  23. And what all ruzzians are doing in Ukraine is not a red flag to you??

  24. Stop twisting his words. He didn't say that sniping a Russian soldier is a red line, he said that posting it uncensored on Reddit is a red line.

  25. I find no humour in these deaths, they're needless and cut short lives better spent.

  26. I find no humor in them, either. It's not funny to watch Russian soldiers die.

  27. I watched someone die once. I'm fact I've seen it more than once. First the mind goes and the person is basically dead, but the body continues. It fights for every breath as the inevitable biological process closes in. Breaths becomes gasps and the gasps become pained as the body, ruled by an almost dead brain tries desperately to cling to life.

  28. I have never seen a person dying, and from your desciption it must be a haunting experience.

  29. What I'm registering from the article is not just a training issue, there is a systemic issue. In other words they don't have an organization or operating procedures to control the equipment and resources in place. For example, they have drones, they're trained on drones (from other news), they have artillery, they're trained on artillery, but there is no system to orchestrate it all to work together and be used effectively for counter-battery. The suggestion from the Pisky soldier, I'll illustrate with an example, when the Russia guns start firing, Ukraine drone can quickly locate, immediately communicate to artillery, then counter before the Russia guns can do more damage and escape. This takes a systematic approach.

  30. Another weakness I registered in the article, though not directly stated, is that the Russian army can concentrate their artillery wherever they want, thereby making the local numerical superiority even higher than the overall superiority.

  31. Er der en årsag til, at der er så mange kommaer i den danske tekst og stort set ingen i den norske og svenske? Bruger vi flere kommaer her?

  32. Der er bare kun 1 kattedame. Måske et par stykker. Der er tusindvis af de andre. Skalaen gør. Jo problemet umuligt.

  33. Det er oveehovedet ikke svært. Lad os sige, der er 1.000 mennesker med bandetilknytning, som skaber uro, utryghed og udøver kriminalitet i lokalområdet. Efter en dom ophæver man deres lejemål og tilbyder dem et nyt lejemål i Brønderslev, Tønder, Bogense, og andre små og mellemstore byer rundt omkring i landet. Efter en prøveperiode på lad os sige tre år er de igen fri til selv at vælge, hvor de vil bo.

  34. Tror du bare de bliver boende der? At de ikke skaber problemer der hvor de flytter hen? Det gør jeg ikke.

  35. Der er stor forskel på hvilke problemer folk kan skabe, hvis de bor 50 samlet i et lille boligområde, end hvis de er spredt ud over hele landet.

  36. It has worked well for several decades. No one can match Russian generals' logistics operations when it comes to securing funding, moving the money to Switzerland and Cayman Islands, and finally getting them back to Europe to buy super yachts and apartments in Monaco.

  37. Den er hjemme lavet med ekstra fløde 😍

  38. Nej nej nej og nej... hvis du pisker det der får du jo en dej når kammerjunkerne nærmest er malet til mel på den måde

  39. Det kunne egentlig være interessant at se om man kan bage en bolle med knuste kammerjunker, koldskål og gær.

  40. Han er en hun 😁 og ja jeg vil have et højere forbrug og nyde livet… men samtidig uden at gå helt amok og stadig have nogle gode investeringer.

  41. Sorry. I de her situationer kunne jeg godt bruge et 'hen'. Ikke som erstatning for han/hun, men som et generisk pronomen, når kønnet ikke er kendt.

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