1. Cristales. People touted around that it was a "modern-day" Chrono Trigger and the style was nice. After I unlocked the time mechanics I quickly realized that that was nonsense but it wasn't necessarily the game's fault and I was willing to see what they would do with it. The loading screens are fucking Sonic 06 bad, legitimately everywhere and for a good 20 seconds a pop. The voiceovers are annoying (Shout out to Matias who randomly ditches his voice in hint messages) and Crisbell's voice is 2 times louder than everybody else. The battles are balanced around perfect hits and parrying but none of the animations actually lend to that. Eventually I got the timing down for Crisbell and Wilhelm's attacks (Christophers makes absolutely no sense) but got completely boned by enemies because none of their attacks are properly telegraphed. I quit upon reactivating the crystals where the game crashed after denying me a save point until I do the aforementioned thing.

  2. An artist who would draw quite literally anything: Yiff, CP, porn of his own grandmother. He was also arrested for assault.

  3. Gyro should be more careful in teaching the art of the spin to strangers now.

  4. You couldn't grasp the true form of The Pedophile's attack!

  5. Hauntswitch will never happen, it's just a mark on the laundry list of unkempt promises from the Hiveswap development hell cycle

  6. PLEASE REDESIGN CAPRIES (It is quite literally JUST a Penis)

  7. Wtf do you even call this style? Whatever it is I love it.


  9. Growing up is realizing that Harry Potter sucks even if JKR wasn't JKR

  10. Based on the notes, Jew, Jewish, Slavery are banned

  11. Likely: Definitely a DLC pipeline for FE:E. An extra content update or big event for Pokemon SV, maybe even a DLC tease?

  12. Look guys look, there's Shin Megami Tensei 4 on the Nintendo 3DS, one of my greatest achievements

  13. Idk, I don't think he had the genes to be classically handsome or anything, but I think the brunt of his unfortunate appearance comes down to how he was basically feral and obese. He had no contact with or capacity to understand basic expectations of appearance, he practiced almost no basic hygene, did almost no physical activity, and on top of that was a socially disconnected autistic person which would lead to unusual affectation. All that probably outweighs the particulars of how his face is structured or whatever else genetics do

  14. Chris would probably look nice if she practiced basic hygiene. She doesn't look too bad in the Favorite Hits cover and there's a clear disparity between that and

  15. Gonna be real I think this is a little bit too close to an actual animal

  16. They basically went through the same arc as their Equestrian counterparts. Only the magical stuff is more metaphorical.

  17. Had no idea people still played the TCG. Only thing I know about it is that a lot of otherwise TCG exclusive demons appear in Devil Summoner.

  18. It's a joke hardmode. It ends right after the first few screens so it's not a serious run.

  19. It’s not like Gamefreak worries about pokemon not make it into a game after Dexit lol

  20. There's probably an internal flag that says if an Arcoos starter is different than a "modern" starter. The same way a Cosmog from US or Sword will still evolve into a Solgealo when traded into UM or Shield. Either that or some guy randomly has some Hisuian final evolutions and they have no issue trading them for their modern counterparts.

  21. GF could easily make an item like ‘Time Stone’ or something like that to make a regular starter like Cyndaquil evolve into a ‘past’ form, or a ‘surf board’ to make pikachu evolves into Alolan Raichu, if they want to.

  22. Yeah but then that ventures into evolution instead of adaptation

  23. I'm the only person who wants Last Bible back 💀. I just like fantasy SMT.

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