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  1. Did you buy the expansions and if so where did you buy them from? There are some illegal keys going around that might get you banned.

  2. Oh..! Hollow Knight might actually do the trick. I haven't played it much. I know something ended up bothering me, but knowing me it could simply be a shinier game at the moment.

  3. Its like cute and scary at the same time.

  4. Please, for the love of god just spend a day cleaning your inventory. This is hard to look at.

  5. I usually just say "no english" to these talkative players.

  6. I love DS2, even though out of all the ones I played its still my least favorite, its still a great game and there are aspects to it that I love more than any other soulsborne game. Like its build diversity, fashion, and combat. It was the last souls game that had the slow and methodical combat, the one where you couldn't just roll spam out of a predicament and chug a hundred estus during a fight, and I think that strategic combat style was honed to perfection in DS2. (Not at the start though, after you've leveled quite a bit and got your build set up...that's one of the flaws I guess. The combat gets good later on.) I do love DS3 and Sekiro's combat, they're more reactive. But for me the slow and strategic combat was one of the things that made me fall in love with DS1.

  7. Dude is more masculine wearing women's clothing than I am wearing men's.

  8. Finally, we can stop telling new players to do one random PoF mission before doing the story before then

  9. I support the change but it being locked behind PoF had brought me one of my most memorable moments when I was a newbie. A random veteran carrying you through a much later game story area to get a raptor. It just felt like an adventure, deviating from the scripted path. It felt fun.

  10. Oh wow, looks like an upgraded Draconic set.

  11. Souls games have a lot of content, different bosses, and quests that are completely optional. You probably skipped every extra content and went straight for the end.

  12. A passive enemy that doesn't remain so passive after killing a certain boss.

  13. I tried gw2 because I wanted to, but there are tons of games on steam that I just saw on the free category that I more or less never heard of, gave them a try, fell in love with them.

  14. Ahh, fuck. I'm actually kinda getting nervous. There's gonna be a surge of new players and I wanna somehow help them if I can. Its like that time my school made me act as a substitute teacher for a lower grade when too many teachers were absent.

  15. Yea, that episode was an embarrassment. Ask in chat for some help and speed through those. EoD is definitely 100x better.

  16. There are only 2 mounts that are slightly difficult to get, one being the Griffon which costs 250 gold. And the other is the Skyscale which is a long list of achievements. (There is a separate achievement called Season of the Dragons whose rewards make getting the Skyscale 10x easier, but I don't wanna give an info dump over here so just make sure to ask someone or make another post before you start work on the skyscale, it'll save you a lot of hassle.)

  17. will condi builds only become relevant in endgame? I love melting enemys down with dot/physical dmg hybrid but those mobs right now are dying way too fast for the dot‘s to kick in haha

  18. The expansions do get way harder so I don't think you'll have that issue for much longer.

  19. I know this isn't the answer to your question, but I still wanna recommend you try the other class's elite specs out. They change how the whole class feels. You can go into the PvP lobby and test every elite spec out without having to level any of them.

  20. Yea, even pinwheel was somewhat unique. Nito was just 3 moves and a swarm of skeletons.

  21. Yea, that would be neat. People having their elite spec's icon or name displayed. Better yet if it could determine extactly what they're playing, like is it a heal firebrand or a dps firebrand...but that might be too difficult.

  22. Sekiro, most fun boss fights but also most hardest. DS2 had the easiest bosses but its general exploration parts were super hard for me.

  23. I would love to be able to play certain parts of it on mobile, but not all of it. Maybe a mobile trading post, crafting interface, LFG, inventory management, etc. That would be neat.

  24. Thanks for your perspective. I'm contrary to an asshole but I have a personality that sometimes is hard to deal with (I usually see things different and people doesn't have the time or patience to argue with me, I'm not "normal", and sometimes I tend to question things that are stablished and I shouldnt question, that upsets people, or talk without thinking beforehand if that's the right way to say that or I could offend someone). I don't think I had time to show that side... But who knows.

  25. Oh, I know people like that. Don't worry, most people don't care, and the people that do will forget about it 2 minutes after the conversation is over. Its the internet. I'm sure it was some other reason that led to these circumstances. Don't fret over it too much, you're being paranoid. Getting kicked out of guilds is common occurrence. I usually don't even realize I've been kicked till someone points it out. Though its good to care, makes you look at yourself and make yourself better, but honestly, its a game and the stress isn't worth it. Just pretend like you're deeply hurt to guilt trip them and move on.

  26. Damn, I didn't knew this happened so easily... It's weird for me and I've been into lots of non-GW2 communities. I'll take that into account, thanks

  27. Oh no, as I said, I kinda enjoy banter so I'm more likely than others to get kicked out I guess. :p

  28. Yea, you can more or less make it better by changing classes but don't. No class is bad for open world. Actually, no class is bad for any content in this game, from open world to raids to PvP.

  29. Haven't played bloodbourne, elden ring, or demon souls. So my ranking would go like: DSR > Sekiro > DS3 > DS2

  30. Older pace. I love Sekiro's combat. I think that's how fast paced combat should be done. But for Dark Souls type of combat the older slower and more methodical pace was better.

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